“Don’t Get Rid of It Yet!” Part Three: Puzzles

Puzzles are a great activity any time of the year! But once the puzzle has completed, it’s time to move on to another one.  And that means….

MORE puzzles!

But what to do with that old puzzle? Well, you could Modge Podge it to save it.  Or donate it.  OR….you could look on Ebay to see if it’s worth any money!

Here’s a list of puzzle brands that sell between $100-200 easily on Ebay.  It would definitely would be to your advantage to check and see if the one you want to get rid of is worth something…..so you can buy MORE puzzles!

Stave Puzzles

Ravensburger  Puzzles(especially the ones with high puzzle piece counts)

Liberty Wooden Puzzles

Educa Puzzles

BCB Puzzles

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