Teaching Empathy to Students

Empathy is a really important life skill.

Nurturing empathy in children is a vital way to raise generations of caring human beings. The ability to feel what another is feeling can be one of the most powerful connections we can have as people.

Teaching empathy to children is easy because they often naturally pick up on the moods and feeling of others around them.

This game, “The Empathy Game”, is played like a small board game. The goal is to answer questions and get to the end space. What makes it unique, is that it uses  any fiction book or story that is being used in the classroom.The board contains thought-provoking questions that guide children to think in empathetic ways.  It encourages them to see empathy in action and to use their own empathy to answer questions.

Play as a class, small group, center activity, or one-on-one.

Low stress. Easy-to-play. And a great takeaway feeling at the end.

The Empathy Game

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