DIY Miniature Crates

These DIY miniature crates are perfect for decorating a farmhouse style dollhouse, rustic roombox, or a miniature general store!

And the best part? They are made with paper!

In earlier years, crates were very useful for both the company and the customer. These sturdy boxes were used to ship and deliver items so that the products arrived safe and secure. Also, they were a great form of advertising as they passed hands. customers and shop owners could count on their merchandise arriving in good condition if it traveled a long distance because of the sturdiness of the wood construction. A lot of these crates have made it through the years and are still around today. Good craftmanship and the durability of wood kept them in one piece to be enjoyed today.

Each one of these can be made with diy miniature crates printables can be found in my Late Night Coffee Etsy store! Each printable comes with two different crates. In addition, the graphics are vintage-style and some are actual product logos, designs, and names from the late 1800’s. It’s a fun way to add some authenticity to your miniature setting. So easy to make….just print…cut…and create!

To see these crate printables, click on the picture above or this Late Night Coffee Etsy store link!

Love miniatures? Find some inspiration on my Overnight Coffee channel on YouTube! It’s a great way to get ideas, inspiration, and tutorials to make my printables!

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Spring Miniatures for Dollhouses

Decorating with spring miniatures for dollhouses can be a wonderful and creative way to welcome in the new season!

My Late Night Coffee store on Etsy offers many spring related miniatures that you can make and others that are handmade by me.

My printables are a perfect and easy way to create a little springtime theme in a dollhouse, roombox, or miniature setting. Each of these DIY miniature crafts have been carefully designed by me. They come with the templates and instructions right on the pages. Just print….cut…and create! I also have tutorials on my Overnight Coffee channel on YouTube that can walk you through many of my printables.

The art of creating dollhouses and miniatures is a fun activity! They are a great way to learn about history, interior design, and architecture. Making miniatures is a pleasant past-time to spend time with family members. Also, it’s also a perfect way to create gifts for other dollhouse enthusiasts!

Just click on photos below to find the items in my Late Night Coffee store to find these spring miniatures for dollhouses or on the link!

Looking for dollhouse and miniature inspiration? Visit my Overnight Coffee Channel for tutorials and miniature ideas!

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Dollhouse Miniature Gift Boxes

Dollhouse miniature gift boxes are a great way to display your miniatures or create a new miniature scene!

You can use miniature boxes to add items like hats, clothing, or even little home decor. Stack them in a little closet or next to a dresser in a bedroom. Place them on shelves in a miniature store. Put them on a little bed like someone just got home from shopping!

They are also perfect for creating a birthday or holiday scene in a dollhouse or roombox. Just add a little tissue paper or ribbon and you have some sweet little miniature gifts ready for a dollhouse doll. Open some up to display the contents or keep them closed for a gifting scene.

You can find these dollhouse miniature gift boxes printables in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy. Each printable set has 5 square boxes and 5 rectangular boxes. And best of all….they are easy to make! Just print….cut…..and create!

And the great thing about printables? You can make as many as you want!

To see these printables, just click on the photos below and above or on this Late Night Coffee store link.

Looking for inspiration or ideas for your dollhouse or miniature settings? Visit my Overnight Coffee YouTube Channel! Lots of ideas and tutorials to help you create your own miniatures and dolls.

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Cottage Dollhouse Ideas

Need some ideas for your cottage dollhouse?

My Overnight Coffee YouTube channel video below shows some really unique ideas you can add to your cottage-style house.

Each of the items in the video below are authentic pieces from the past. They each had their own use in the household and were designed in clever and often beautiful ways. These items are from the 1700’s to the early 1900’s.

Cottage dollhouses can be absolutely beautiful to design and create. Whether you are choosing a seaside, forest, or countryside cottage, the aesthetic to each can be unique and charming!

Finding miniatures to make for this style of dollhouse can be a lot of fun, too! Here are some DIY craft printables that you can use in your cottage dollhouse! These printables are found in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy. Perfect for when you need some cottage dollhouse ideas!

Need more ideas and inspiration? Visit my other videos on my Overnight Coffee channel on YouTube. You can find ideas for miniatures, dollhouses, doll clothing and accessories…and more! Perfect for inspiring your artistic creativity! It also features tutorials for many of my printables that can be found in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy.

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Dollhouse Miniature Tutorials

I started a YouTube channel, Overnight Coffee, that features dollhouse miniature tutorials and ideas for dollhouses. The tutorials are videos on how to make the many miniature printables I have in my Etsy store. Besides the tutorials, there are many videos that can inspire ideas for miniatures and dollhouse rooms.

I have carefully curated collections of photos from various vintage sources for the idea videos. They feature real photos of vintage items and actual rooms in houses that can help give some authentic ideas for miniature home decor. I love putting them together and showcasing some wonderful items from days long ago. There are so many ingenious things that have been made and invented throughout history. Besides being a fun artistic outlet, dollhouses and roomboxes are perfect for presenting a little snapshot of these times from long ago.

In addition to the idea videos, I have created dollhouse miniature tutorials of the printables I design. These printables are found in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy. I absolutely love coming up with different ideas and creating each of them digitally. The tutorial videos are to show how to make them and to give some good tips. Because I was a teacher and an artist most of my life, I have found this is a fun way to use both of those skills.

Here’s one of my tutorial videos on the Overnight Coffee Channel!

So, if you need inspiration or a tutorial on one of my printables,you can visit my Overnight Coffee YouTube channel by clicking on the photos, video link, or text link!

In addition, if you love miniatures, visit my Dollhouse Miniatures board on Pinterest! More of my miniatures to see there, too!

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Artisan Dollhouse Miniatures

Artisan dollhouse miniatures are a wonderful way to make your dollhouse or roombox unique! I have a passion for creating these miniaturized pieces. The creativity that goes into each one is from my own imagination and design.

Artist-made miniatures are fun to collect. Most artists have their own style and incorporate them into their miniature art. Collecting pieces by artists is a fun hobby and can add special uniqueness to your dollhouse!

I have been creating these pieces for almost 5 years and have loved every minute of it. I specialize in making items that look older and loved. They represent a time gone by and treasures found again.

This video shows one of the pieces I have created. I had so much fun finding the little letters and photos, as well as creating the cloth cat doll and tiny books. The actual basket is also handmade and painted to look old. Just a really fun project!

If you like artisan dollhouse miniatures, visit my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy. I am adding miniature pieces all the time!

Also, I create printables if you like to make your own miniatures! They are also found in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy!

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Medieval Costume Ideas

Are getting ready for a Renaissance festival, designing a costume for a show, or creating clothing for an art doll? If you are, these medieval costume ideas can offer you some inspiration!

Finding unique ideas and details for a costume can be challenging. Trying to find authentic ones can sometimes seem impossible. This video shows a few costumes that have some wonderful detailing and use creative ways to use fabric in each one. They show real costumes from the early 1900’s that the designers used for their performances.

Designing clothing from this time period can be fun and a great way to learn history! There were so many roles people had in that time period. Clothing served special purposes for each person and what they did in their lives. This is where finding unique details can really bring an authenticity to your design work!

Enjoy being inspired with this medieval costume ideas video! The photos are from actual costumes of productions done in the early 1900’s! The details and creativity are amazing!

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Victorian Dollhouse Ideas

One popular style of dollhouse is the Victorian house. Here are some great Victorian dollhouse ideas for those of you are decorating an authentic house or Halloween dwelling.

Victorian Dollhouse Ideas

  1. Ornate features- Woodwork often had beautiful carvings and intricate details in these homes. You could find them on stairways, ceilings, and the exterior.
  2. High ceilings– Bigger was better and heating/cooling bills weren’t an issue. The ceilings provided another area for decor as you could see beautiful chandeliers hanging from them as well as ornate ceiling tiles.
  3. Stained glass– Throughout a lot of these homes, stained glass was a coveted feature. Stairwell landings and visiting rooms provided an opportunity to showcase these beautiful windows.
  4. Fireplaces– These provided the much needed warmth during the colder months. You could often find them in several rooms throughout the home and often they also provided a means to display more home decor.
  5. Steep roofs- This is a famous feature of this style of house. It often lends to the “spookiness” that comes with the home’s lore.
  6. Large size– These houses were definitely not cottages. They featured several rooms and stories for showcasing the owner’s grand style. Lots of hallways and lots of rooms meant more ways to decorate.
  7. Turrets– This style of architecture was reminiscent of a castle. The allure to show you owned your own “castle” was visible by having this feature.
  8. Iron fencing– Gothic style fencing often surrounded the property. The ornate features of the fence would compliment the homes exterior.
  9. Multiple stories– Each floor had a purpose and design. Often some floors were closed off during cold or hot months.
  10. Maximalist decor– Lots of decorative and ornate decor….everywhere! This style as for people who loved to show off a lot of their possessions.

Want more Victorian dollhouse ideas? Check out my video with beautiful photos of REAL Victorian interiors!

Love miniatures? Visit my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy for handmade miniatures and miniature printables!

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Dollhouse Miniature Shoebox Printable

This dollhouse miniature shoebox printable is perfect if you need more storage for miniature shoes! You can also use them to decorate a dollhouse closet. It’s also a great craft item if you are creating a mini shoe store!

This printable features 12 different designs. The box lids each have a cute little shoe and the boxes have beautiful designs that give them an authentic look. Simply print, cut…and create!

You can be creative such as creating a display for a miniature shoe store or general store. You can also stack them in a dollhouse closet for storage space. Another fun use is in a birthday scene for fun presents!

You can find this miniature shoebox printable in my Late Night Coffee store on Etsy by clicking the photo above or the link.

In addition to the directions on the printable, here’s a video tutorial on how to make the boxes.

Love miniatures? Check out my handmade miniatures on Etsy!

Creating and decorating with miniatures can be a lot of fun! Miniatures are a perfect past-time to share with others. They make cute gifts. The art of displaying a miniature scene can be a great way to learn about history while having a joyful experience.

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Valentine’s Day Miniature Printables

These Valentine’s Day miniature printables are a beautiful way to decorate a dollhouse!

The Valentine gift boxes printable comes with 10 sweet boxes with gorgeous pink and red designs. Each box has a lid that makes it fun to add a little gift or treat to add to a miniature scene. The boxes are square and rectangular in shape. Each come with easy-to-follow directions on how to construct the boxes. A perfect way to add a little creative touch to a dollhouse or roombox.

The Valentine cards and box can add a bit of authenticity to a miniature scene. Each of the twenty little cards are actual card designs from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The little box is a perfect way to display or hold the little cards. It is made to look old and worn from days of loving use. And bonus! This Valentine’s Day miniature printable also comes with a sheet of crafting paper with different designs for the holidays. You can use it to create more elaborate Valentines or your own miniature holiday decor!

You can purchase both of these printables in my Late Night Coffee Etsy store. Simply click the pictures below or the link!

Looking for some quick ideas for decorating your dollhouse for Valentine’s Day? Check out this short video!

Love miniatures? Follow my Dollhouse Miniature Pinterest Board! Hundreds of wonderful miniatures!

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