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Summer goals…..

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Project Based Learning Activity-Ocean Animal

Operation: Ocean Animal: Project Based Learning Activity

Grades 3-8

This project based learning activity takes your students into the world of marine biology!

Acting as marine animal research team members, students will:

Choose an ocean animal to research in an expedition
Design a logo for their research team
Find funding by writing and advertising for donations
Keep accurate records of donations and expenses
Buy supplies for their expedition
Create a travel plan to their port
Solve problems related to travel
Collect and record data on their specimens
Create graphs using data collected on their expedition
Design a pamphlet about their expedition

This product has 10 daily activities that lead the students through the process of organizing and planning a marine research expedition. Each activity lasts at least an hour, but can be broken up into smaller amounts of time if needed.

Everything you need to administer a successful project based activity including:

Essential elements in this project-based learning activity
Daily Materials/Subjects/Skills Sheet
Group name tags
Daily journal tabs
Student Attendance Sheet
Reflection Log (5 pages)
Logo Design Sheets
Letter/Email/Ad/Phone Message for Donations
Financial Sheets
Research Boat Sheet
Travel Sheet
Communication/Message Sheet
Data Log
Graph Sheet
Specimen Question Sheet
Pamphlet Sheet
Days 1-10 Activity Directions Sheets (10 sheets)

Also included:
Daily supplies list for each activity
Skills list for each activity
Main curriculum subjects for each activity

Structured so you don’t have to plan too much, but flexible enough to add your own ideas!

Can be used for whole classroom, small groups, or individuals!

Subjects include:
Social Studies

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Love Sewing?

Vintage and Newer Sewing Patterns

Late Night Coffee on Etsy!

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The Business of Reselling

At the beginning of a new year, many people begin to look into ways of making extra money in the upcoming months.  Reselling items is usually on that list of possible ways.

But what if you are interested in it to not only make extra money, but possibly as a job or business?

Reselling is a good way to generate extra income, but don’t be fooled. It is indeed hard work.  It takes persistence, motivation, and a lot of patience.

So, if you are really interested in pursuing this line of work, I highly recommend reading and studying about it first.  A great way to do this is through reseller blogs.  These blogs can teach you what sells, how to set up your business, what retail sites to use, how to do your taxes…..and a lot more!

Bearing in mind that most of these people have been doing this for a few years, here is a list of some really great reseller blogs that certainly can give you some valuable, insightful information on the business of reselling:

She Thrifts

The Recycleista

Money in the Garage

Ebay Selling Coach

The Teen Thrifter

Thrifting in the Buff

Live Like No One Else

Beach Thrifter

Scavenger Life

Those (and mine) will give you a good start.  I encourage you to dive into their archives and pull out all the firsthand knowledge you can.

Happy Thrifting and much luck!

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“Out with the old and…..into the thrift stores!”

The holiday season is over….but a new thrifting season just heated up!

After the holidays, people like to donate all the items they just replaced.  Also, people like those great last minute tax write-offs. Appliances, toys, clothes…you name it!

January is a GREAT month to check out your local thrift store for great finds!

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Pocket Size History Lesson #1: Minnesota Ice Harvesting


Photo courtesy of New York Public Library Public Domain Digital Images. Feel free to use!

It’s easy to forget the convenience of ice when we merely walk to our freezers and throw a couple chunks of the frozen stuff into our drinks.

But just over a hundred years ago, providing ice to people was big business!

And where was a great location to retrieve this needed ice?  Why, Minnesota, of course!

Frigid temperatures, long winters,and dangerous conditions made for work that took a lot of physical and mental strength.  This job also needed math, environmental science, and a ton of physics skills!

To learn more about the history of ice harvesting in Minnesota, read about it on the Big River website :

Minnesota Ice Harvesting: Big River Website

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Teaching Empathy to Students

Empathy is a really important life skill.

Nurturing empathy in children is a vital way to raise generations of caring human beings. The ability to feel what another is feeling can be one of the most powerful connections we can have as people.

Teaching empathy to children is easy because they often naturally pick up on the moods and feeling of others around them.

This game, “The Empathy Game”, is played like a small board game. The goal is to answer questions and get to the end space. What makes it unique, is that it uses  any fiction book or story that is being used in the classroom.The board contains thought-provoking questions that guide children to think in empathetic ways.  It encourages them to see empathy in action and to use their own empathy to answer questions.

Play as a class, small group, center activity, or one-on-one.

Low stress. Easy-to-play. And a great takeaway feeling at the end.

The Empathy Game

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“Don’t Get Rid of It Yet!” Part Four: Stuffed Animals

The world has millions and millions of stuffed animals. And while some are treasured toys, never to be parted with in childhood, some are destined for the donate pile.

But before you donate, make sure that it isn’t worth some cash!

Here is a list of stuffed animals that are selling between $100-300 on Ebay.

Webkinz-Siberian Husky, Arctic Fox, Timber Wolf, and Golden Retriever

Disney-Bolt the Super Hero Dog

Dakin Foofur

My Pet Monster

“Pre Duffy” Disney Teddy Bear

These are just a few of the ones that people are willing to pay top dollar for on that site. It would definitely pay to research any toy you are planning to give away.

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“Don’t Get Rid of It Yet!” Part Three: Puzzles

Puzzles are a great activity any time of the year! But once the puzzle has completed, it’s time to move on to another one.  And that means….

MORE puzzles!

But what to do with that old puzzle? Well, you could Modge Podge it to save it.  Or donate it.  OR….you could look on Ebay to see if it’s worth any money!

Here’s a list of puzzle brands that sell between $100-200 easily on Ebay.  It would definitely would be to your advantage to check and see if the one you want to get rid of is worth something… you can buy MORE puzzles!

Stave Puzzles

Ravensburger  Puzzles(especially the ones with high puzzle piece counts)

Liberty Wooden Puzzles

Educa Puzzles

BCB Puzzles

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