Treasure Lesson #4- A Reward for Trashy Behavior

A treasure story from my recent past….

The news had been showing all these people dumpster diving and looking for paper cups from the hamburger joint that sports a freckled face girl. Apparently you could get free airline tickets with x number of these cups.

I love dumpster divers….God bless ’em. I’ve never “dumpster dived/dove/doved” but I have gone through my share of interesting garbage piles.

Here’s one VERY cool example…..

I did this in K.C. a couple years ago during a “large garbage put- out weekend” with a friend and IT WAS FABULOUS!!!!!!!! The neighborhood we went to was upper class so they were known to throw away great things.

It was on a weekend and we rented a van. We took off on that Friday night at about 6:00 pm and there were already people going up and down the streets looking for things. People were in their yards looking at all the attention their garbage was getting….sort of “my garbage is better than your garbage” I guess.WE PACKED THE VAN SOLID !! It got so comical at one point we were having to take things out of the van and leave them in another garbage to get “the new great things we found”.

The best (and sadly, disturbing) haul we had that night:After driving around for about 7 hours, the other scroungers were few and far between. It was about 1:00 am and we were driving past this house that had these big refrigerator boxes taped up in their garbage. I told my friend that the only reason someone would go to so much effort in taping up some garbage is that it was really really bad (ie gross stuff like poopy diapers, litter box bombs, or used girly magazines ) or really, really TERRIFIC things (i.e. gold, frankincense and myrrh). It turned out to be the latter. Just not the wise men gifts. Better.

Evidentally there must have been an elderly lady that passed away (really nice house) and they just simply threw all her possessions in the boxes for the garbage. We’re talking photo albums, papers, etc……and also….sterling silver jewelry (vintage), vintage hats and purses, clothing, vintage quilts, vintage dolls, and many, many antiques…….at one point we looked at each other and said we had better pull these boxes over to the van in case any other scroungers showed up….it was pretty cuttthroat…and sure enough…a group of people showed up. It was a free for all. They made a HUGE mess of everything.And we kept slyly(but quickly) pulling more boxes over to our van to investigate..and we were in a dilemma as we had already packed the van….we grabbed as much stuff and smashed it in where we could….and then did the right thing…..cleaned up after those other inconsiderate scroungers. It was the least we could do for all those great things.

We then took our van and our haul to a mall parking lot (it was about 3 am at this point and we needed some light) and pulled out everything. Then we divvied up what each of us wanted and what we were going to sell at the flea market the next day. We made about 150.00! Free money! And each of us walked away with a ton of fun, free stuff….I felt like a junkyard princess that day. Minus the tiara. I think I was wearing a trucker hat I found in one of the boxes.

I don’t live in K.C. anymore. I don’t miss the snow but I sure do miss their garbage up there.

Treasure Lesson #4-Never pass up a good pile of trash. Or a good deal on hand sanitizer.

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2 Responses to Treasure Lesson #4- A Reward for Trashy Behavior

  1. Darth Madre says:

    The best headboard I ever had was found leaning up against the dumpster in an apartment complex. I was planning on waiting until after dark to snag it, then decided to throw caution to the wind and grab it before someone else did! I used it for 10 years… 🙂

  2. Kerrie says:

    This is my story!!! I still have “Lorraine’s” handmade quilt on the foot of my bed!!! Remember the neon sign….ahhh trash regrets…

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