Treasure Lesson #7: Old School “Wrap”

Remember when you were little and grandma visited? Remember when you would ask if she brought you a toy or surprise? Remember when she would take an object, wrapped in tissue paper, out of her purse and carefully  (and sometimes painfully slowly) unwrap it ? Great…now remember that for this lesson.

A lot of GREAT treasures are just sitting in attics, basements, and backs of closets. Some of these wonderful things are resting comfortably in a nest of tissue paper, paper towels, or napkins. That’s because those are the preferred wrapping material of a lot of older people.  The better the item..the more love is put into the wrapping of these objects in this material.

Sometimes, at sales, boxes are put out and no one wants to go through it to “unwrap” all these little treasures. Too much time. Too much trouble.  Too much tissue.

Here’s one of those examples I came upon last August (2009):

I was heading home after a rather disappointing day “junkin”. I saw an estate sale sign on the way home. It was early afternoon, so my first thought was “Yeah…all the good stuff has been taken” (which will be another lesson at some point). But, like anyone who has the “junkin’ bug”, my magical car steered itself to the sale.

When I walked up to it, there was quite a bit of stuff on the front lawn, and more inside.  I was walking inside after scanning the front lawn, and a big box by a Christmas Tree caught my eye. The box was closed and I pulled back one of the flaps. There was some Christmas tinsel/glitter/plastic holly leaves on the top…but the rest of this big box had a ton of small objects wrapped delicately in tissues/paper towels/napkins. They all looked virtually untouched and unwrapped.  I carefully unwrapped one of the tissues and it revealed an antique blown glass ornament. I unwrapped another…same thing. My heart was beating fast…my breathing became erratic….totally normal reaction for a junker. Not wanting to sit and unwrap all of these (there was a ton of them! )….I asked the guy how much for the box. He went over…looked in the box….pushed the objects around (which almost put me in cardiac arrest)…and said $10.00. I paid and carried the large box to my car….heart still beating, breathing still erratic, and lightheadedness beginning to set in. Again, if you do this kind of thing, you understand these are completely normal reactions.

When I got home, I made a pot of coffee and began my fun. By the end of the evening, I had unwrapped over 150+ antique Christmas ornaments from the early 1900’s to the 1940’s.  This was one of my greatest finds ever!!!

Paid: $10.00

Sold: Approximately $1500.00 for the whole lot

Treasure Lesson #7: If items have been wrapped carefully(especially in tissue paper, kleenex, paper towels, etc) and put neatly into a box….its definitely worth looking through the box!!!!

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6 Responses to Treasure Lesson #7: Old School “Wrap”

  1. Sarah says:

    Love this story Bec!

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  3. Wow. This is a great treasure story! Love what you found!

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  5. Corie Stern says:

    Wow it looks like Christmas was waiting for you! Excellent story and many thanks….always lookin’ in Seattle!

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