Treasures I found today…

I took advantage of my son being at camp today and went solo to one of my thrift stores I frequent.I hit a good day! They must have gotten in a new truckload because I have never gotten so much cool stuff at one time there. I’m not real keen on this particular thrift store as they employ some pretty crabby personnel…“Dude, you put price tags on old pants and figurines…what’s with the anger?”…But they are close by and I can sometimes find some pretty neat things from time to time…So I put on my thick skin and shop there.

So…here we go!

First up…this lot of books. It was half price day for books…whoo-hoo! Paid 7.00 total for these…Worth about $80.00 total for the lot. Not bad.

This is was GREAT find! Wool sweater from Quill’s Woolen Market in Ireland. Excellent shape.  Price-3.99  It’s worth between $30.00-$50.00. Florida is a GREAT place to find cheap good sweaters…gee..can’t imagine why.

Anyone who knows me or has been to my house knows I’m a “pattern-aholic”. I have no need for anymore pattern inventory.  But I can’t pass them up…especially good ones.  These were .30 each and worth between $6.00-15.00 a piece.  Of course, I’m going to have to buy an extra wing to my house if I continue this habit.

And last but not least….If you read my “Fun with Corn” post yesterday (8/4)…you’ll understand why I was excited when I saw these little beauties. The NFL one is 2 pillowcases and a big curtain from the 80’s. The other is a vintage twin sheet from Notre Dame. My husband will probably try and arm wrestle me for that one. I bought them both for 2.00….I’m not real sure the value. Guesstimating: 20.00 each….or that big pile of laundry on the bed being folded without being asked.

Not bad for an hour’s worth of “work”.

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