The Treasure Gods Smiled Again…Awesome Haul #2!

Some weeks are just better than others in the junk world….

I decided I would hit some garage sales today to give my thrift stores a chance to replenish themselves….glad I did!

While the first few weren’t so great….I did hit one and scored this:

It was box filled with vintage wine labels (about 500) from the 70’s. Most are German wines…all are unused…I love boxes of multiple things. I haven’t started brainstorming uses for these, although removing a “Boone’s Farm” label from a bottle of Strawberry Hill and slapping one of these babies on might be funny. I have no idea the value…it was a gamble.

After I went to a couple other dud sales…I headed to a church rummage sale. I LOVE church sales…. they usually have  a ton of stuff that the volunteers are practically giving away so they don’t have to haul it somewhere else. This was an AMAZING sale….here’s the rundown.

These books were $1.00 a piece. They are worth between 25.00-75.00 A PIECE!!!!  Whoo-hoo!

These are the “2nd tier” books I found. Paid a $1.00 a piece….they are worth $9.00- $12.00 a piece. Still decent.

These were .25 a piece. They are worth about 15.00 for the lot now…but if I wait to pick up some more of them…the price goes up dramatically. I’ll keep my eye open for these books in the coming weeks. Why Cleary, you ask? Anytime a movie comes out that features an author…those books become more in demand. If you can find a lot of them…even better. Teachers and moms grab them up for a good price.

What is this you  ask? Ropes? Worms? Intestines? Nope…BETTER! This is a 3 pound bag of roving wool…which for any needle felter like myself is like finding PLATINUM GOLD!!!! Whoo-hoo! This one really made me do the “happy dance” when I saw it…

Sometimes, when I’m at a sale, I get caught up in buying frenzy. Don’t get me wrong…I love these fabrics. These were more impulse buys. The BOHO looking one is about 8 yards…and the other is about 5 yards. I have no idea what I can get for them…but I know its more than I paid.

These vintage beauties were only $3.00 a piece. Vintage needlework (in newer frames). They are pretty large size too. I’m keepin’ these….

So, all in all…another great day.Going out again tomorrow for the “Trifecta of  Treasures” days..we’ll see what happens.  Although, on Sunday…I may hit this estate sale in Sarasota….it…looks…awesome!

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