Insanely Awesome Day in the Treasure World!

Well…I did it. I hit the “Trifecta of Awesome Days” of Junking. I’m exhausted.

Hit a very cool estate sale and found this….It’s a road atlas from the 1920’s…I imagine there was  not a lot of traffic back then…Paid a quarter for it…Value: $30.00.

Went to a few other cool sales…found some Stride Rite shoes for my son and a Buzz Lightyear costume (SUH-weet!) for next to nothing.


I came home and took my husband and son to a book sale in Tampa. It…was…awesome.

Here’s the books we got:

Paid: $57.00 for all

Value: Wait for it……..$1,250.00!!!!

We picked up some amazingly good books today. Took us all of an hour to find them.

(Tomorrow’s post will be about bookselling for some extra cash…if you are interested…check back!)

So all in all…the day was great…did have some “weird” in it though..

1) Saw a guy brushing his teeth while driving. (WT??)

2) Estate sale had a what appeared to be a workshop set up in a garage to make false teeth. Teeth were everywhere…blech.

3) Saw someone playing the “Cornhole Game” in their driveway. A first.

Still hoping to go to this estate sale tomorrow.  Of course, I don’t have any more spendin’ money. Yeah…like thats ever stopped me before.

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