Reselling in the next few months….

With the holidays fast approaching again, now is a great time to get your items ready for resale!

Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon are great places to resell your things just in time for all the holidays (and the bills!)…but be sure to put them on during the times they will get the most exposure and have the most demand.

Here are some items that have worked successfully for me and the best months to resell them in:

September: Halloween costumes, vintage or unusual Halloween decor, craft books, craft patterns, craft supplies,educational books,teacher resource books, and children’s books in lots by author or character (i.e.TEN Junie B. Jones books)

October: Craft books, craft supplies, craft patterns, unique Thanksgiving decor, dishware in sets, placemats in sets,silverware in sets, glassware in sets, candlesticks, unique serving dishes with fall themes, tablecloths, cloth napkins, cookware for desserts, carriers for desserts/side dishes, unique cookbooks, hunting books, hunting supplies, children’s dvds in lots (i.e. TEN Disney dvd’s), Indian & Pilgrim costume patterns, and Thanksgiving related children’s books.

November: Dvd’s in lots, vintage and unique ornaments, vintage and unique holiday decor, holiday themed dishware/glassware, holiday themed table linens, dessert cookbooks, dessert trays, dessert cookware,children’s holiday themed clothing, cd’s in lots, blankets, flannel bed linens,fancy women’s dresses, holiday themed ties, fancy women’s shoes, children’s toys, Santa costumes, and dog sweaters.

December: Vintage or unique New Year’s decor, tuxedos, fancy dresses, fancy purses, fancy shoes, unique champagne glasses, dvds’ in lots, fancy partyware, cd’s with party music, cow bells, board games,  and exercise equipment.

I’ve stayed away from electronics because it can be a big headache selling them online. Things get broken en route, buyers don’t read descriptions and expect something else, things aren’t compatible when they reach the other end…blah,blah,blah…But if you can deal with that…go for it!

And as a bookseller too…I have to mention that nice nonfiction books do well in October and November (gifts!). Come December and well into March….there is usually a steady market of all genres as people are looking for things to read in the cold weather.

Of course, there are  a lot more things that sell well…these are only the ones I have tried and have been successful with in the years I have done this.

I also HIGHLY recommend reading this woman’s reselling posts…she has a great deal of experience as well and has some indepth insight to different items to resell…great articles!!!

If you have any items you have done well with, please feel free to share them in the comments section!

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