It’s time to play “I THUNK FOR JUNK!” Round #2

Which one of these vintage rock t-shirts recently sold for $237.00 on Ebay? (Answer at the bottom)

A. Grateful Dead

B. Dead Kennedys

C.Iron Maiden



Answer:  Even with spots and a repair job, the Dead Kennedy’s Bedtime for Democracy t-shirt managed to secure $237.00 after receiving 15 bids.  The Iron Maiden t-shirt went for $142.00 and the Grateful Dead shirt went for $53.00.

I think I hear a stampede to some closets….

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3 Responses to It’s time to play “I THUNK FOR JUNK!” Round #2

  1. Jenny says:

    Wow. I once owned a “Holiday In Cambodia” shirt (done to look like a Holiday Inn – probably very unofficial) and while there’s a chance it’s still lurking somewhere in my parents’ basement, I think it’s probably long gone. Sigh …

  2. latenightcoffee says:

    Hey…that’s pretty cool! Those shirts are hard to come by! I can’t believe some of the prices people pay for them..but hey…its nice to have something else to look for! Thanks for writing Jenny!

  3. sue says:

    OMG, I am soooo digging out my old tees.

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