What Can I Sell in My Kid’s Room? Part III

Selling children’s  clothing can be an excellent way to make some extra cash and organize a closet or dresser! This is a great time on Ebay to start selling those fall/winter clothes. Here are some tips to getting the most money for your items.

1) Sort out any clothing that has holes, stains,fading, and noticeable wear. Those can be donated or if you choose, used as cleaning rags.

2) Once you have the gently used clothing in a pile, sort those out by size and gender.

3) Now sort those clothes by season (ie fall/winter or spring/summer).

4) You can choose to sell clothes seperately (takes longer and more time) or by lots (groups)….which can bring a lot more money quickly. Lots of moms like to buy a big load of clothes at one time and are willing to spend a little more to get a lot. Selling clothes seperately works best for HIGH END, one -of -a -kind items (i.e. Fancy Dress, toddler tuxedo, etc)

5) Groups of clothes sell best if sorted by  Gender/Size/Season (example: Boys lot of size 6x Winter/Fall Clothes)

6) Choose the cheapest shipping method. UPS is the best for very large groups of clothes.  For smaller groups, post office flat-rate priority boxes can hold a small load of clothes and cost approximately $11.00 – $16.00 to ship depending on which box you choose. Pack the box first to make sure they all fit before stating shipping fee.

7) List any name brands in your listing( Gap, Gymboree, Abercrombie, Children’s Place, Levi’s)…it can help your sale.

8 ) Always disclose if they are coming from a home that has cigarette smokers or if your home is smoke-free.

9) Take good pictures. It’s not necessary to take a picture of each item seperately if you are selling them in a lot…but get all the ones you are selling in the picture(s).

10)When packaging to send, wrap clothing in plastic (clean) bags in case they sit on a porch with rain when delivered.

Check out the  children’s clothing sales on Ebay for examples of sales.  Remember to click “Completed Listings” on the left column to see what is actually being sold.

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