What Can I Sell in My Kid’s Room? Part V

In the last part of this “What Can I Sell in My Kid’s Room?” series, I’ve made a catch-all list for several categories that do well on Ebay.

The best rule of thumb for when to sell these items is to think about the time of year when you probably bought them/ or needed them. And then list them at that time.

So… here’s a few more categories:

1. Children’s Bedroom Decor: Lamps, pictures, clocks,bedding….Pottery Barn is  a great seller. Sets or groups of the same collection can do well too.

2. Sport equipment and clothing: Baseball, softball, soccer are the biggies. If you have more specialized equipment (i.e. fencing, equestrian, Karate, etc) that also is great. Of course, the downside of selling sports items,  is that people are looking for items that are in really good condition with little wear.

3. Video games: I don’t know ’em, don’t have ’em, but they sure sell if they work.

4.Halloween costumes: They sell well starting in September.

5. Musical instruments: Instruments, parts, and books related to the instrument can sell well.

I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed these! If you know of any more good sellers …feel free to add them in the comments section!

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