Vintage Catalogs: The Ultimate Reference Book for Collectors

Vintage catalogs (another form of ephemera) can be very valuable, especially to collectors.  They provide excellent reference material for vintage items. Collectors like to look at an item’s original condition, boxes, materials used, dimensions, number of pieces, age, etc.  Catalogs can provide that information, along with a picture.

And they don’t have to be huge in size either. Small booklet size catalogs can be very valuable if they contain hard-to- find items or information.

The following are some of the different kinds of catalogs that sell well:

Toys, Clothing, Jewelry, Art, Furnishings, Car Parts, Musical Instruments, Electronic Equipment, Fishing and Hunting Gear,  Tools, and Christmas Items.

Here’s the link to Ebay for Vintage Catalogs. Remember to sign in and click “Completed Items” for catalogs that have recently sold.

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