Dog Days of Summer…and Fall…and Winter..and..

There’s no denying people love their dogs. And the second best thing that “dog people’ love….things with the image of their dogs on it.

You can’t go wrong picking up cool items with dog breeds on them….especially this time of year when people are starting to look for gift ideas.

BUT CAUTION! There is a lot of JUNK (and not the good kind) out there with dog images. So be selective. I would steer clear of figurines unless they are vintage.

Some “dog themed items” that sell well: Vintage and newer books, vintage cards, ornaments, sweatshirts, purses, handpainted items, jewelry, and old pictures.

Dog breeds that do well on Ebay: Chihuahua, Boston Terrier,Yorkie, Pug, Corgi,Scottie, Westie, and Poodle.

Have you sold any dog themed items that did well?

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  1. Cathy says:

    Wow, I love your site! I just found you through The Bounty Huntress. You’re so informative and funny! And then I saw my blog on your blogroll and then I knew you were even MORE awesome!
    Your germ concerns are too funny!

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