I should just shop here.

I was really tired last night,but I still needed to sit down and list a few things. Books are always a good thing to list for me when I don’t have much energy. They’re quick, easy…and I don’t have to get up once I sit down with stack of them.

ANYWAY….I do my usual scan of my book inventory cabinet for a few books to put on and end up grabbing this one.

Geez Louise. I don’t think I even looked this one up for its value. Or if I did, I was drinking out of a paper bag when I was doing it.

Talk about a book that  looks like nothing. It’s about crochet patterns. It was published in 1996. It’s a softcover book with only 96 pages. And it’s book that was probably purchased at Michael’s or some other craft store.

So…I looked it up and found only 8 other copies on Addall (hard- to- find book website). The lowest one listed was for 134.00…and that was in France.

Wow.  My job was done after only listing one book.

Hip, hip, CROCHET!

And come cheer here on Friday for “Flippin’ Friday!”. This week, one lucky commenter will WIN a custom felted doll (you decide what she makes) from Sarah’s Plain and Small Creations. Hip,hip…FRIDAY!

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6 Responses to I should just shop here.

  1. Amy says:

    Wowza! Way to go, Lady!

  2. shannon says:

    Sweet! I said the same thing after cleaning out our storage for an upcoming yard sale. I should just ‘shop’ at the thrift store in my house. 🙂 Hope I have something good like that laying around!

  3. Cathy says:

    Holy Heck, how do you it? For crochet patterns, weird!

  4. DogsMom says:

    Please follow up on this. I’d really love to hear that it sold for $150 or more. (For that I would ship anywhere in the world!)
    I have a zillion craft books in my house from several generations. No one else in the family wants them.

    • latenightcoffee says:

      I bought the desk for myself for $150.00….my kind of price for a piece like that. 🙂

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