It’s Flippin’ Friday!! #5

I can’t believe we’ve had five of these already!

Well…all of these stories have been fun to read…and last week was no exception. We found out about smoking jackets, vintage ribbon, “Hai Karate” cologne, and the Coney Island OHIO Amusement Park.  Fun stuff!

Got a fun flip story? Share it with us today!

AND this week, anyone who shares a story in the comment section will be eligible to win a FREE custom felted doll/animal from Sarah’s Plain and Small Creations. She is all ready with her needle and wool to make your one-of-a-kind doll/animal! Whoo0hoo!

All names will be placed in a ceremonial Tupperware bowl and drawn by my honest three year old.  You have until midnight tonight to share your story! Small flips…Big flips….we love them all!!! And anyone who has shared a story…keep sharing them…there’s no limit!

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7 Responses to It’s Flippin’ Friday!! #5

  1. R says:

    I once found a box of books, fabrics, postcards items and it looked interesting so I bought it for about $20. It turned out to be from a US soldier who had been stationed in Japan after WWII. Some of the fabrics turned out to be Japanese WWII signed combat flags. We sold them on eBay for over $100 a piece.

  2. Char Zlogar says:

    My neighbor was having a garage sale and had a ton of books to unload. I bought about 200 books for $10.00. Later I saw he had kept a few that he thought were nothing and put them out to the trash at the curb. I told my husband about 10 times to go get them and he finally snuck over when no one was home and hauled them home for me. I kept saying they look like they may be something. Well, they were. 1960’s famous photographers lessons books. I kicked them around downstairs for a while before actually looking them up and then went WOW, list these things NOW. They sold within days for $175.00. Now I might have better luck getting my husband to drag that stuff off the curb for me:-) Not bad for 6 garbage books at the curb:-)

  3. This is my first time at Flippin Friday! I bought a set of six amber Kings Crown wine glasses at a thrift shop for $5 and sold them for $25! My biggest flip yet! I have only sold on ETSY so far. I love your blog and reading all about the things that are selling. It has made me even more excited to try to sell sell sell!!!

  4. Jessica says:

    I have to comment to thank you for your blog. I just opened an account to sell on eBay, mostly to get rid of some of my stuff, but I do love to thrift. Well, two fridays ago I clicked on your link of posts of stuff to look for in the morning on a whim and saw the entry about the vintage Beistle Halloween decorations. That day at two different garage sales I saw and bought several of them. I got 4 Beistle items I spent a total of $1.50 for, a witch, a life-sized skeleton, and a package of two smaller skeletons still in their packaging. They were bought, shipped, and recieved, for over $25. Not going into retirement, but not too shappy for my first flips either! I never would have thought to look twice at them if it wasn’t for your blog; but I have to admit, they are very cool vintage items. One lot was even bought by a lady who runs an antique store; they will look great up in her shop, if I say so myself. Thanks so much!

  5. Joani says:

    I guess I’ve mostly flipped jewelry, usually right off my neck or wrist. I guess I’m a walking advertisement. Does that count?

  6. Lynne says:

    Loving your website. I love selling books too. So easy!! I also love hearing these great flipping stories. Here’s mine – bought a box full of jewelry at a garage sale for $2.00. The jewelry box was a trump art style box – sold it for $15.00. Most of the jewelry was broken and kind of dirty. But one piece was marked KJL – started researching and though I might have something. The marking stands for Kenneth J. Lane, a jewelry designer. They were definitely vintage – long about 2″ and had lots of rhinestones on them. They were pretty gaudy to me. These earrings sold for $150.00. Totally amazed. Someone bought in NY City for their vintage jewelry store.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Ok, I gotta get on the fun 🙂 One of my very first flips approx. 5 or 6 years ago was a Precious Moments figural ornament. I bought it for 25 or 50 cents and it sold for over $80. It was titled “Let the Heavens Rejoice” and the lesson I learned was to make sure to use as many descriptive keywords in my titles as possible. Another ornament listed shortly after mine included “Angel” in the title and it went for over $100.

    One other fun flip & lesson is to make sure to look IN those boxes at sales. My husband called me to say he drove by a HUGE sale…it was agony to finish up my errands so I could get there. When I finally was able to go, the HUGE sale ended up being a little pile of stuff at the end of the driveway, LOL (hubby obviously didn’t see that there wasn’t anything in the garage, etc). I still stopped, albeit disappointed, and glanced at the contents of the boxes. I was just about to get back in the car empty handed when I decided to look IN the boxes…as in underneath the stuff on top. I saw some cool retro/starburst looking dishes which ended up being Franciscan. I paid $2 for the box and ended up selling the pieces for over $200. Hubby was forgiven for his oversight 🙂

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