“I Thunk for Junk!” Round #8

Can you guess which of these tablecloths recently sold on Ebay forĀ  $433.00? (Answer at the bottom)

A. Vintage Wilendur Tablecloth (with 6 napkins) in original box.

B. Antique Mystical Figure Lace Tablecloth with 11 Napkins

C. Vintage Hand Embroidered Crinoline Lady Tablecloth





Answer: The vintage Wilendur tablecloth ended at $433.00 with 10 bids. Vintage Wilendur tablecloths/linens are very collectible and most can get a very good price. They usually haveĀ  floral/fruit designs and a tag with the name Wilendur on it. The antique lace tablecloth sold for $340.00 and the crinoline lady tablecloth brought $51.00.

Great reason to look through the linen section of your favorite thrift store!

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  1. Ok, now I feel totally justified in my habit of hitting up the linens department of the thrift stores!

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