Interesting week…interesting stuff.

This past week I was really busy listing and wasn’t in my usual hardcore, junking mode. But I did manage a couple of “Hey..why not?” pop- ins and came away with some really cool things.

This vintage make-up/shaving mirror was all of fifty cents at a thrift store.  Really neat “deco” look and I was really thrilled it still could light up. It even has a electic socket in the back to plug in a shaver. Neato.

This was an interesting “gamble”. It was the second day of a church rummage sale and spotted this…..had no idea what it was…but it looked strange and for ten cents..worth taking a chance.  It’s actually a book that the government (more of a regime really) of Turkmenistan gives to EVERYONE in the country. They(adults and children) have to read it over and over and memorize and….well….the usual things you would have to do with propaganda.  There’s evidentally a huge, rotating statue of the book in their capital. It’s worth about $50.00. So there you go….you never know what you’ll find.  I also found 3 college yearbooks and a ton of collectible children’s books….10 cents each. On the second day.  Did I mention it was the  second day?

This was a “right place, right time” find. I “popped in” to one of my smaller thrift stores and they were JUST unloading all of their Christmas items.  They let me paw through the boxes (sweet little ladies at that place) as they were decorating.  I found this group of vintage paper bird ornaments…$2.00 for all of them.

I found this book, along with four other children’s Christmas books, at another church rummage sale.  When I first pulled up, it was outside and did not look very good. And most of the stuff was real junk. But there was a stack of these children’s books for 25 cents each. This particular one goes for about 30-40 dollars. Cute story about teddy bear gingerbread cookies coming alive and having some Christmas fun.

Hey, remember the tale  about the hoarder’s house ? This past week I put up the Hopalong Cassidy items I found in that house up for auctions on Ebay. They sold last night for about $180.00. I’ve sold three yearbooks from that sale…so I’ve totaled about $250.00 so far. I haven’t even made a dent in the stuff I found there.

Finally, on Saturday my town was having  community wide sales.  I was actually participating….ridding myself of “mistakes”. But….they were calling me.  I didn’t even have to go two blocks before I hit “gold”. Now this is a bookselling lesson.  I pulled up to this sale that was still being set up. I saw they had some books and as I was looking through the books, an older man asked if I was interested in books. I told him yes and he showed me the room that had all the books he was going to sell. It was the Taj Mahal of non-fiction. He said I should come back when they got set up to see if I wanted anything. Uh…yeah…I wasn’t leaving. So I volunteered to carry them out for him. He was thrilled. There were hundreds and hundreds of books. BUT….in return for my sore muscles, I had first dibs on some incredible books.  Totally worth it.   I was the lizard…again.

There’s a lot more to look at on Apron Thrift Girl’s blog today…check it out!

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Happy thrifting and selling to you all!

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4 Responses to Interesting week…interesting stuff.

  1. Marianna says:

    Where can I find myself a hoarder?!!!!! Here hoarder, hoarder! I won’t judge! Egads my heart pounds with excitement just THINKING about your delightful finds!

  2. Cathy says:

    Wow, great profits!! Your instincts are amazing!

  3. Great finds. I spent a bit of time on your blog last week and plan to do so again this week. Thanks for all the tips and info you share!

  4. Are you kidding me? I have that GingerBears book! Oh my goodness. No idea it was worth so much!

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