Treasure Lesson #17: Everybody limbo!!!

In the last week, I have found 3 yearbooks, a set of collectible trolls, and some collectible children’s books on bottom shelves and under tables.

A lot of treasures are just waiting for someone with good knees and balance to find them. And a LOT of people are not willing to bend down and look through these things. So gulp down the Advil, do some stretching exercises,  and check out these “below eye-level” places. …there could be something great for your effort!

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2 Responses to Treasure Lesson #17: Everybody limbo!!!

  1. Linda says:

    Yes! Just today, I found a set of ten hardbound Clifford books, brand new, for ten cents apiece. I also found an almost-complete set of Moncure First Steps to Reading books – also ten cents apiece. Both sets were on bottom shelves! I look forward to seeing what they bring. Congrats on your finds – especially the yearbooks! I’d walk across a bed of nails to grab yearbooks. 🙂

    • latenightcoffee says:

      Awesome finds yourself!!! Wow! Someone is definitely gonna want those!

      And of those “under the table” yearbooks sold already..whoo-hoo!

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