Starbucks “City/Country Mugs” are a great find in thrift stores. Many go between 20-30 dollars…a piece!  Some even higher.

There are many different series that have been offered by the coffee giant since 1994. Wikipedia has a great list of these different series.

Yeah…sometimes it IS cool to get a mug for a gift.

Special thanks to Shirley and her Flippin’ Friday post that inspired this “Dooyahavwun?”.

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2 Responses to Dooyahavwun?

  1. Barbara says:

    Did you read the interesting note on the Wikibooks link?

    The Record price for a Starbucks mug: Minneapolis/St.Paul mug 1994 edition sold on eBay for $2,020.00

    Now if we could all find one like that!!

  2. shannon says:

    when i was first getting into selling on ebay…i sold a few starbucks things (still do, actually)..but I found a couple of the mugs from 1994 that were part of the ICON series..which is what that Minneapolis mug was from.
    Doing research, there was one of the Minneapolis mugs on auction…it ended at $1,100!! I was in shock. Of course, mine didn’t end anywhere near that!
    The Minneapolis ones …I think there was only one store there that year and closed mid year so there are very few of those Icon mugs around. Collectors always need that LAST one to complete the collection.

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