Coffee, a warm fire, and a good book…..

If you have any book inventory, now is the time to put them on.  Winterish months (November-March) are the best months to sell books as people are looking for reading material while they are stuck indoors.

Both fiction and nonfiction do equally well as there are a variety of readers looking for books.  Children’s books do well too, especially those from popular series.

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4 Responses to Coffee, a warm fire, and a good book…..

  1. Alyssa says:

    Thanks for the nudge! I plan to start listing some books after the new year.

  2. shannon says:

    i can’t remember…do you only sell your books on Ebay? or do you use Amazon as well? And have you ever used Alibris, Abebooks, sell?

    • latenightcoffee says:

      I sell only on Ebay now…. more out of convenience of keeping things in one place/store online . I also prefer that I can I have an actual picture (s) of the book I’m selling online with Ebay so theres no question to what the buyer is getting in terms of condition or copy. I have sold on Amazon in the past. Found it really easy to list and sold books there as well. I haven’t used Alibris or Abebooks to sell.

  3. dogsmom says:

    I was going to ask for suggestions on where to list beside eBay. Finances right now are such that I can’t pay high upfront fees and hope for a big enough sale. I need to make the money and take final value fees out, or make enough from one to afford to list the next. Inventory I have, money I do not.

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