It’s Flippin’ Friday! #15 Last one of the year!

Yay!  We made it through another week and through another year! Let’s end it with a BANG!

Last Flippin’ Friday, we learned about a wooden sewing box, a Stokke highchair cushion, Mogu People pillow, a vintage Better Homes and Garden Decorating book, Milton Bradley SIMON game, “Why, A Mystery Game by Alfred Hitchcock” game, and a rare Peanuts music box. Thank you fellow flippers!

So this week…share your BEST/MOST INTERESTING flip of the year in the comments section below! And in return……..You will be instantly given “MOST -AWESOMELY- GREAT TREASURE KARMA” for 2011! !!!!!

Seriously. How can you pass that up?

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9 Responses to It’s Flippin’ Friday! #15 Last one of the year!

  1. I can always use good treasure karma! Best flip this year on the basis of percentage of profit was the Coldwater Creek sweater with cats on it that I picked up for fifty cents. Got over $21 for it on eBay, and after all expenses were paid (jeez, shipping is pricey!) I still made a 1900% profit. Wish the investments in my deferred comp account did that well!

  2. The absolute best flip I had for 2010 was the Cuisinart Gourmet Griddle that I bought for $15.00. It retails for about $100, and I sold on eBay for $85.00 ! My second best flip was the Griswold Wagner Cast Iron Dutch Oven I found at the GW for $7.99 … sold on eBay for $70.00. Yippee! Thanks for hosting Flippin’ Fridays and wishing you peace for 2011.

  3. shannon says:

    Yes, it’s been fun reading these this year..can’t wait for more flippin’ stories next year!
    Not sure what my absolute BEST flip story was this year, I probably already shared it…but two I just thought of were:
    We found a Nikon EM 35mm camera kit with lenses, flash and carrying case at Goodwill. It was $50 which I knew was a good deal if we were going to keep it…but I was nervous about spending that for resale..especially considering our financial situation at the time. Well, it took awhile to get it listed and sold, but it sold last week to someone in Australia for $195!!
    Also, earlier in the year, I was at a yard sale and it was about 11am and HOT! The people running the sale had overpriced a bit, but were taking offers because they wanted to wrap it up. I saw a Salton Peanut Butter maker NIB that was marked down to $10 from $25. I bought some little things, then went to my car and checked the internet on my phone. I knew I should buy it…but I only had $7. It was worth a shot and fortunately the woman of the sale had just driven away. I asked her husband about it…he said they never used it….I explained that I wanted it, but honestly only had $7 left. He hestitated and then’s one less thing to haul in.
    Went home and listed it and within a day sold it for $75!
    (not everything Salton sells…but if you ever see the yogurt maker that makes one big batch (not the separate cups)…grab it! that’s a good one too)

  4. nancy says:

    I found a Diane Von Furstenburg dress at the Salvation Army in great shape. Paid six dollars for it and it sold for 85 on eBay.

  5. Leah says:

    I purchased two boxed sets of four Portmeirion Botanical Cooler glasses for $2 each. They both sold on Ebay at around $50 each. A pleasant surprise. Before that I had never heard of Portmeirion glassware. Always learning something new in this adventure. 🙂

  6. Stacy says:

    I found a Lego NBA basketball game for $20 at Goodwill sold it for $96. Luckily it was only missing one piece. I Found it along with a big bag of assorted Legos including many Harry Potter sets. The mini-figures can sell for $10-$20 a piece.

  7. Jessica says:

    Wow, how could I pass up MOST -AWESOMELY- GREAT TREASURE KARMA?

    Not a big money maker, but another feel-good story for ya. At the same estate sale I got the Alfred Hitchcock game I got a stack of vintage road maps, just boring old fold-out kind. Except really neat because they pre-dated highways and interstates.

    Only two were dated, so I listed those first intending to research the others later, yeah right! Well, one sold was for a town called San Leandro which surprised me since it’s not a major city I’d think people would be looking for. The person who bought lives several states away now but told me it was to keep in the glove box of their vintage Studebaker Hawk which was originally bought in San Leandro in the 50s. How cool is that?

    I eventually listed the other maps too, Chicago, Oakland, and surprising the Reno, NV one got the most bids so far. Only started them at $5, but paid cents for them, and they were really fun for me to list.

    I’m hoping for some bigger winners in 2011 though!

  8. dogsmom says:

    I love reading these stories. They give me hope and I am honestly excited for each of you!

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