Secret recipe for success….

This past weekend, I picked up a vintage metal recipe box at a sale for a mere 25 cents.

It wasn’t in great shape on the outside…discoloration, wear, hinge loose….



It was the inside I was most interested in.  It had over 50 typewritten recipes (that’s a lot of work)…which brought the value of the worn metal box up substantially.


There are many people who collect handwritten recipes and are willing to pay quite a bit for them. Having them in the original container is just a bonus. And better if the container is in good condition.  Personal recipes in boxes can go between $25.00 -$100.00.   It pays to open these boxes when  you see them…they are often passed over.

So who’s up for some delicious Spaghetti Tuna Loaf? !!

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3 Responses to Secret recipe for success….

  1. Wow, thanks for the GREAT tip! I never knew that! I’m surely not passing these up anymore!

  2. shannon says:

    I’ve sold a couple of these. Plus, I’ve even heard how people will take recipes..old, made up ones..or ones that belonged to great-grandma, and they sold them over and over again for like $1. Back when digital downloads didn’t require a hard copy.

  3. Barbara says:

    I once listed an empty recipe box and a full recipe box at the same time. The full one sold for $22, the empty didn’t sell. I had originally taken out the recipes when I bought it at an estate sale and set them aside (somehow I never throw anything away) but when I was researching the boxes to list I found out how the well the recipe cards sell. Put them back in the box and took more pictures. Now I’ll be looking for more when I’m out and about.

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