It’s Flippin’ Friday! #22

With garage/yard/estate sale season starting to heat up again….the flip stories are really coming out! Whoo0-hoo!

Last week we had a ton of stories! GREAT stuff! We heard about another Remington Tight Curls success, new Coach shoes, a Kaiser Steel belt buckle, vintage noisemakers, a Scofield Edition Bible,  a big lot of vintage board games, some great tablecloths, a snowboard, Whimzy Pets and Webkins stuffed toys, vintage character sheets, Brio wooden track pieces, and a Littlest Pet Shop set.  WOWZERS!!!

I learn soooooo much from all of you! Thank you for your contributions!

If you have a great flip story, please share in the comments section below! They are so fun to read!

Have a great weekend and much luck in your treasure hunting!

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8 Responses to It’s Flippin’ Friday! #22

  1. Linda says:

    Good morning! Today, I want to post a flip – not of mine – but of a new friend. Kathy sells mostly plush, with some assorted toys, as well. She found a 1986 Discovery Toys board game, and I believe she said she paid 99 cents for it. Here’s the awesome result…

    The game sold for over $37! I don’t know if all Discovery Toys sell this well, or are this highly sought after, but they’re definitely going on my watch list!

  2. Jessica says:

    Wow, Linda, I will be looking for those games now!

    Here is a children’s book I found I never heard of I had good luck with. It is called Gunniwolf, the one I found was the 1967 edition by Wilhelmina Harper illustrated by William Wiesner. I bought it at SA for $1.50, sold for $25.

    Often when in thrift stores I pick a few nice books to check quick completeds on my phone, and if I don’t see any others for sale, I take a chance and buy it. It was in great shape, really gorgeous illustrations, and the dust jacket was protected in that mylar plastic like libraries do, but no library markings. I’ve found a few books with the dust jackets protected like that, and they all turned out to be decent flips. Do people who buy books they think will be good investments protect the dust jacket like that, but years later end up giving them away?

    It was a really lovely book, I will be looking for another, if I find one in not as good shape, I’ll keep it for us. It was a cute story of a little girl warned not to go into the jungle or the Gunniwolf would get her, printed in Singapore maybe if I remember right.

    Happy weekend all! My kids are off school next week, so no I’ll be surviving instead of thrifting, lol.

  3. Great comments and flips! I continue to do well with plush; I just sold a couple of plushies for $15-$16 that I paid $0.50 and $2.99. And I just sold my first Far Side mug for $10.00 … I paid only $0.39 for it! I just posted about these great flips. Thank you Flippin’ Friday, in particular Barbara who shared her flip. Thanks to everyone who shares their flippin’ stories and successes!

  4. Natalia says:

    I have a book that looks like nothing today. Other day I picked hardcover “The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie ” by Jennifer Ashley for 25 cents at Goodwill Outlet. Sold it for $35.00 on Amazon within 24 hours. Right now there is just one copy of this book available on Amazon for $73. Some hardcover and older out-of-print romance books are quite rare and sell for quite a lot. Most of booksellers totally ignore romance section in thrift store. So I have them all for myself lol.

  5. sraikh says:

    I have been going to thrift stores and not finding much. Last week, Goodwill had 2 Chi Air Hair Straightners new in box. I remember a friend’s posting on FB about them being expensive. I didnt even need to whip out my phone. I picked both up. One sold for $75 and the other is listed right. Paid $8.

  6. Barbara says:

    Ok, don’t groan when I say this but Starbucks. Not the mugs that we’ve already talked about but stainless steel travel tumblers, especially without handles. I just sold one for $88.00! In my thrift stores they ‘re in a different section than the regular coffee cups. I also just sold a smaller plastic handled one for $9.99.

    PS-thank you for the reminder about gnomes for the movie Gnomeo and Juliet! After your tip I relisted one that I had put on twice before and never sold. It sold within days after I listed it this time. Thanks!

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