This past week was a little slower than the fantabulous week I had before….but I did find something fun….

On the way to a neighborhood sale, I spotted a sale being set up in a church parking lot.  It was about 7:45 am so I pulled on in.  And thankfully they were open.

After browsing through the tables, I came upon a little box.  It was cream colored and had a funny name on the top.  I love these little boxes for storing things in…and since it was only 50 cents…thought I could use it. I then noticed it said Guy Laroche on the side.  I remembered he was a designer of some sort….so that made the box even more cool.  But THEN I noticed the box was heavy…

So I opened up the top…..

And in it were 5 sample bottles of the discontinued French perfume “Ecusson”. Oh..yeah.

I have never sold perfume before…so I’ve put these on an auction this week for my amusement.  I am hoping that the “discontinued” status and the “French” status will bring some good bids. But who knows.  It will be fun to watch. And maybe it will open up a new niche.

Other fun things I found this week: Another Far Side mug, a Boynton mug (those are good too!), a tin of vintage buttons on cards, and a 1941 mini roulette wheel with all the various pieces in the original box.


Check out more great finds at Apron Thrift Girl’s blog…the season is heating up!

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3 Responses to OOO-La-La!!

  1. dogsmom says:

    I am a huge Boynton fan. Last week I was looking for some of her animals in the bin at GW and an older gentleman asked what I was searching for. He laughed at the name Boynton but then he found me a chicken!
    I have a friend who frequently auctions off discontinued fragrences and lotions. Never fails to amaze me of her good fortune. Wishing you the same success.

  2. Betty says:

    What a cool find for 50c. Hope the auction goes well.

  3. Alyssa says:

    Oh wow! That’s not a perfume I wear, but vintage perfumes can bring a lot I’m fairly sure. People go looking for out of production scents, lipstick colors, etc.

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