Hats Off to this Find!

Yesterday, I  went to my favorite, favorite thrift store  and majorly scored!

I thought finding a vintage Barbie Country Living Home for $3.00 was going to be the best find. Nope.   I thought finding three sets of vintage Vera napkins for .99 cents a set was going to be the pinnacle. Uh-uh.  It wasn’t until I visited the book section that I swooned with joy.

As I ran my finger over the various titles on the shelf, I noticed a spiralbound book (ALWAYS LOOK AT SPIRALBOUND BOOKS!). It was titled “How to Make Hats” by Ruby Carnahan. Dated 1961.  Oh yeah….this is a GREAT book, I thought.  And priced at $1.91. Suh-weet!

I then used one of my rules in bookhunting….look for more of the same kind.

And sure enough.

A few books down was a binder (ALWAYS LOOK AT BINDERS!). It was titled “Professional Custom Millinery” by the Academy of Millinery Design. Packed solid with patterns and directions for making a lot of hats from the 60’s and earlier.Priced…$2.94.

So, I got home and of course, looked them up. The “How to Make Hats” has a listing price of no lower than $50.00. And I could only find ONE other of the “Professional Custom Millinery” and that was on Amazon for $250.00.

So…because they fit all my rules for putting something on in an auction style listing (one-of-a-kind, cheap purchase price, hard to find and interesting item)…I am listing them together tonight for a 10 day auction. It should be fun to watch.


On Tuesday, I wrote this post because I had been researching Boynton products (I found a Boynton mug last week) and came across those pricey cards. I was floored. Well, my friends. On one of my stops today…I FOUND TWENTY UNUSED BOYNTON CARDS!!! I could not believe it.  I had just said to my son “I don’t know why I came in here…I haven’t found anything here for a long time” and then I spotted a couple small bins of cards. So I thumbed through them and found one..then another..then another. And at 10 cents a piece…I was very happy. So there you go…I think I learned from my own post.

Want to learn about things to look for? Come back tomorrow for “Flippin’ Friday” and find out what other neat things people are finding and selling…its a great learning experience.  And story contributors get “INSTANT TREASURE FINDING KARMA”…so you can’t pass that up.

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3 Responses to Hats Off to this Find!

  1. shannon says:


    I love days like that.

  2. Barbara says:

    I haven’t been following your blog long, but dang……..you are my hero.

  3. dogsmom says:

    Last weekend at GW I came across 3 books by the same author on building furniture and accessories with 2x4s. You know they had to come from the same donor. Then I found another book I think will be saleable, a witchcraft title. Researching it I see there are 3 more in the series so I have to get back there and see if the others are now on the shelves. I think they will sell better as a set.

    You know I envy you your Boynton finds. Maybe we should talk about a trade…

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