Something cool everyday!

Last week, I made a point of trying to get out each day.  Garage sales are going like gangbusters here and the thrift stores are filling up with the “leftovers” as well as spring cleaning.

In no particular order…here are some of the uber-cool things I nabbed:

2 vintage millinery books (on auction now), 3 vintage sets of Vera napkins, a vintage Barbie house,20 unused Sandra Boynton greeting cards (some are on my auctions right now), another Boynton mug, another Far Side mug, 10 cool neck ties, 3 unopened Bucilla Christmas Stocking kits,a big bag of vintage carded buttons, a LARGE paint by numbers painting, a giant bag of vintage cake decorations, and a big stack of vintage sheet music.

But my favorite things were:

NINE…yes NINE!….of these embroidered “Cats in a Basket” pieces. (They look creepy in this picture…much better in person) They measure about 18″ x 18″. What a lot of work to end up in a “hole in the wall” thrift store. They’ll find loving homes at some point, I’m sure.

I bought 75+  books at library sale.  Some really good ones.  (I’m doing a bookselling post this week about a particular genre to always keep your eye out for)…and I found a a ton of them at this sale. One book though caught my eye as it was stuck in the middle of some other “How to Start a ___Business” books. It was on how to start an “Ostrich Ranching Business”.  Evidentally, a very rare and comprehensive book on the subject.  Not a bad pick for $1.25.

And lastly, this set of Commercial Design books from the 1940’s. Really neat.  Evidentally, a correspondence art class…filled with how to make illustrations for advertising from that time.

I also found this FANTASTIC little vintage metal cabinet. It’s about 4 feet high and 18″ wide. Needs a little TLC…but when its fixed up…will go perfectly in my kitchen for my pots and pans.  And it was only a 10 spot.

I definitely need to kick it into high gear and list all these things….I’m running out of creative hiding storage spots.

Happy hunting this week to you!  Make sure you check out last week’s Flippin’ Friday! LOTS of great stories!

And for more great finds…check out Apron Thrift Girl’s blog today!

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