Keepin’ it “reel”….

I apologize for my lack of postings this week.  While my thrifting finds have been scarce, my sales have been going bananas.  That’s a good thing.  Get your stuff on folks….I believe people are getting their tax refunds and wanting to spend,spend, spend!

Anyway…thought I would give you something cool to look for that can bring a

Ebay picture

pretty penny.  And that is the vintage “reel -to- reel” tape.  This form of recording was used in the 60’s and 70’s and there are still a LOT of people that prefer the sound quality that comes from the reel- to -reel tape.  I am NOT a music person in any form….I admire the people that are though.  BUT…I do know that many of these tapes can bring hundreds of dollars AND they are very often overlooked at sales and thrift stores because  the equipment to play them on is often hard to find.  Look for them in the music sections (usually hidden under a table or wayyy back on a shelf).  They come in their own small boxes….bonus!

Both recorded and blank reel-to-reels can sell.  I once found a ton of blank reel tapes in garbage pile outside of a warehouse. It was like a little junkin’ leprachaun left them for me.

While I could sit and list all the various artists that do well…it would be best to research them yourself, as the genres run the gamut.    Look on Ebay under Music-Other formats.

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!  Visit us tomorrow for some more great “Flippin’ Friday” stories!

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One Response to Keepin’ it “reel”….

  1. shannon says:

    wow. there are so many parts of the thrift stores that I need to dig into. I usually ignore the records…since I know nothing about these. Some 8 tracks can do well…but I have no idea which ones. But these seem to do pretty well…in lots of different genres. I guess it can’t hurt to try.
    And if I find a Beatles one…I’ll snatch it up!!

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