Lots O’ Linens!

Saturday was the perfect day for the yard sales!  GREAT weather, TONS of sales, and good stuff!

My first sale I scored these vintage sheets for 1.00 a piece.  A-Team, MASH, Peanuts, Sesame Street, and a Coca-Cola one still in the package. Fun!

Then at two different sales, I was able to get 3 vintage quilts and 2 vintage quilt tops for a total of $26.00.  The quilt tops were shoved down in a big box of material that was priced at 3.00 for the whole thing.  I didn’t need anything else in the box, so the woman gave them to me for……50 cents a piece. Two vintage,hand-sewn, twin size quilt tops. Unreal.

And my big gamble for the day (albeit $5.00) was a big box of about 200 new maps.  There are multiples of many different cities in the box so I’m going to try and sell them in lots and market them to tour groups.  We’ll see….I’m sure I can at least get my money back if this wasn’t a great idea.

Other fun things I found included a vintage Tiki mug, some interesting books, and  a sealed box  set of Sesame Street song CD’s. Yay!

For more fun finds, visit Apron Thrift Girl’s blog today!  Happy hunting this week!

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4 Responses to Lots O’ Linens!

  1. Anne says:

    Fun stuff! Love the name of your blog, too. Visiting from Thrift Share Monday. Come visit me!

  2. shannon says:

    Amazing one sale had ALL those vtg character sheets. Some people like their beds to make statements, huh?

    Anyway…i put you in my Recommended Reading post today. Thought I’d share!

    • Yeah…I was trying to figure out if she was the one that used them or she had bought them at some point like me. Dunno. Thank you so much the link! How nice!

  3. Betsy says:

    Ooh, I love all your goodies especially those quilts. I’m going through withdrawals because the weather has been so bad the last couple of weeks. Might be hope for this weekend. Happy hunting!

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