Etsy bound…

The pollen here is in full bloom and Saturday was really horrible.  Sadly, I had the whole day to “hunt” but was home by noon. I felt like I had a hangover…without having the fun part.

Gulping down some Advil, I headed out and hit a few garage sales…but supporting my theory about “end of the month” sales …they appeared to be “gotta pay the rent” tables of stuff.  So I hit a few thrift stores…not much there either.  Went to my favorite libraries for books…found a nice lot of ex-library books.

Sooooo….nothing “WHOO-HOO!” this past week…but I found a couple of cute things to add to my Etsy store inventory that I’ve been growing.  I plan on getting my store filled up again in a couple weeks.  I like to put my cute “kitschy” things on that site…its like my “online antique booth”….without the decorating.

First, I found these unused, unopened vintage Hallmark shower invitation cards.  I thought they were pretty and at 59 cents a package…a good deal.

Then, I found this sweet, vintage, tin address box. I’ve never seen one like this before.  I’m debating keeping it for myself.  I’m really a metal junkie.

Hopefully this week will bring some fun things.

Hope you have a great week! Check out Apron Thrift Girl’s blog for more great finds across the country!

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3 Responses to Etsy bound…

  1. Van says:

    Beautiful name and address tin box! I love the bright color and the bold graphics.

  2. SixBalloons says:

    Oooh that metal box is great. Tempting to keep, I’m sure!

    Thanks for the great information on this blog – I found 12 unused Boynton Christmas cards the other day at the thrift…!

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