“♫♪♪…Somewherrrrrrrrre…under the overpass…♫♪♪”

After receiving a tip about a salvage yard that might have the vintage metal porch supports I have been looking for…I decided to stop in and check out the place.

Oh. My. Garsh.

I will admit I was not expecting much when I pulled in.  Seriously…this is how it looks from the parking lot.

But “The Enchanted Land of all Things Architecturally Vintage” was just beyond the barren parking lot and open dumpster.

Now…I apologize for the lack of any other photos.  I did not have a camera at the time. You will have to visualize it in your mind from this point on…….

Picture if you will….Rows and rows of vintage metal porch supports…..hundreds and hundreds of those awesome, vintage window frames (with glass), and a sea of salvaged toilets. (Which incidentally,didn’t even set my OCD radar off…so that tells you how fantastic everything else was).

You want a vintage exterior door? They have it. Need a vintage metal chandelier? Tons.  Jonesing for some REAL vintage doorknobs?…..HUNDREDS!!!

I could not stop saying “Wow!” as I stalked around the place.  This place was packed with just about any architectural salvage you could think of….I’ll never have to wonder where I can find another rusty garden chair…or antique door hinge….or section of really old metal fencing….AGAIN!

I seriously can’t believe I had never been…or heard of this place before.

So….if you are ever in the Tampa/St. Pete area…..and love picking through architectural salvage….definitely visit Laymen’s Used Merchandise (12190 US Highway 19 Clearwater, FL 33764 – (727) 531-3801)

And make sure you have a few HOURS….the place is HUGE!


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