I Thunk for Junk! Round #11

One of the following sewing patterns recently sold for $113.00 on Ebay. Can you guess which one? (Answer at the bottom)

A) McCall’s “The Infinite Dress”-1970’s

B) McCall’s American Ballet Children’s Costumes-1980’s

C)Vogue Couturier dress-1950’s






Answer: B) The  McCall’s 7991 American Ballet Costume Sewing pattern.  This pattern recently sold on Ebay for $113.00.  These patterns go easily for $100.00+.  There is also another McCall’s American Ballet Costume pattern 7990 (for young women) that sells over $100.00 as well. The Vogue pattern went for $57.00 and the “Infinite Dress” pattern sold for $46.00.

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4 Responses to I Thunk for Junk! Round #11

  1. I think I might have to get out my old pattern box to see if there are any oldies but goldies in there! Wow!!

  2. annabel52 says:

    Get outta town!!!
    That is pure crazy to PAY that much for a pattern!!!
    Of course, I would SELL one for that much!!!

  3. Shirley Wall says:

    Hi – I just had a question about these patterns. I think I read on your blog that the patterns need to be uncut. Were these uncut or are there exceptions? Just curious. Just in case I ever run into a vintage pattern. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and experience on your blog – I have learned sooooo much! Shirley

    • The ballet and “Infinite Dress” were uncut. The Vogue pattern was not.

      Uncut patterns are certainly going to bring more….BUT….if a pattern is scarce or just really unusual/beautiful/etc……it can be cut. You just have to pull out the pieces and count to make sure they are all there.

      I prefer uncut patterns because I tend to be a “fumble fingers” trying to count out the delicate paper. But…if I saw a really nice one that was cut….I would try to control my unruly digits. 🙂

      I hope this helps!

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