It’s Flippin’ Friday! #30

It’s Flippin’ Friday folks! And you know what that means!   GREAT stories!

Last week, we heard about great flips involving  Prairie Schooler Cross Stitch patterns,  a Red Omega watch box,Ferragamo men’s shoes, an American Girl doll & trunk, a vintage Christian Dior slip, and a Heye puzzle.  Great stuff! Thanks to all that shared your finds!

Have a great flip recently? Big or small….we love them all! Just share your story in the comment section below!  You’ll receive “INSTANT TREASURE FINDING KARMA” for the weekend!  It’s a win-win….:)

Have a great weekend and happy hunting!

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9 Responses to It’s Flippin’ Friday! #30

  1. shannon says:

    I just woke up this morning to a sale and to this post in my inbox…so I thought I’d share the sale.
    I found a NEW Starbucks London Mug from 2002, still in its package for $5 at Value Village.
    I just sold it for $99 (full asking price) to a buyer from Canada, who’s already paid!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Woo hoo on the Starbucks mug Shannon!

    I’ll share a flip I’ve been having for months on end now that my inventory is almost out.

    Several months ago I was at the grocery store (Safeway here in California) and checking out the beauty products. In the regular area, marked “Reduced for Quick Sale” was a bottle called Corn Huskers Lotion for $1.87 each. I did a quick search on my cell for completeds and they sold for upwards $20 so I grabbed the 5 bottles the store had left. I came home and listed them for $18.70 each and they started selling. (I have the hardest times with pricing things, but my husband suggested the round 10x what I paid.)

    In the next few weeks I hit the 4 Safeways in my town (2 had them, 2 didn’t) and then started hitting the towns nearby too when I was in the area. I live in a very population dense area, so this wasn’t hard. I think at some point I had over 30 bottles! But at that price, it wasn’t a real big investment.

    I guess several others got this idea too, because I had to start lowering the price little by little to move them as I didn’t want them sitting around too long. I only have 3 bottles left when I had to take the listing down to go out of town and I had them listed at $8 plus shipping slightly underquoted, but still a nice profit. Plus it was so easy to list once at fixed price with multiple available. Every few days I’d get the email one or more sold to someone and just packed them up and ship them out. Very cool.

    I never did find out if they were going out of production or just can’t be found in some areas or what. It was just a very small plain looking bottle of lotion with a funny name that seemed to have a good enough following. It was a fun venture into a different type of thing for me to sell.

    • jessica says:

      That was me. Sorry I forgot to add my info.

    • shannon says:

      I love easy sales like that jessica…just post and let it go!
      Health & Beauty is fun to dip into..not a constant thing for me..but I just sold 10 deodorants for $50. About doubled my money on those.
      I like the bigger returns that thrift store finds yield usually!

  3. jana says:

    I don’t have any luck at thrift stores but I love estate sales. At an estate sale, I saw a picture on the wall which was signed and the subject was a farm scene–not my taste but you could tell the artist was talented. I took it off the wall and on the back was the page from an auction catalogue from the 70’s with a photo of the picture and the price paid–$300. The picture was marked $125, which I paid. I got home and looked the artist up on line. He was part of a well known group from Indiana and there were several galleries who dealt in this group’s works. I contacted several and ended up selling it for a little over $1000. This proves that even a blind pig can occasionally find an acorn.

  4. Carla says:

    My best flip this week was a Far Side mug I got at GW for 59 cents and sold for $30 a day later!

  5. Wow, some really great flips! I had a pretty good flip this past week with Cashflow financial board game. It is by Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I don’t know where and when I read about it, but it stuck in my head. I was at a garage sale and was getting ready to leave when I spotted this board game at the bottom of a stack of other board games on a table. I quickly added it to my pile and paid $1 for it. I flipped it for $40 plus shipping. It retails new for $195 online. And speaking of cross stitch patterns … another great pattern is Samples of the Past by Blackbird Designs. Last year, I bought parts 2 and 3 for fifty cents each. I was able to flip that $1 into $47.00!

  6. nancy says:

    I was at a bag sale at a local thrift. Four dollars a bag. On my way to the register to pay I threw one last item in my bag that was hanging on the end of a rack. It was a brown suede vest with fringe. A vintage hippie vest. If it hadn’t been for the sale it would have been $7 and I probably wouldn’t have bought it but I got it as part of my $4 bag of clothes. Listed it on ebay and it drew immediate interest. It just ended at $21.50! Similar vests went even higher. It looks like a popular item. I’ll definitely be picking up any more I find.

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