It’s Flippin’ Friday!! #34

It’s Flippin’ Friday again! Yayyyy!

But first, an apology for my lack of posts this week.  I’ve been HYPERfocusing on some projects I’ve been putting off and they’ve taken most of my time…and definitely energy.  But I’m making good progress on all fronts…thankfully.

Anyway……we had some awesome stories last week.  You are all finding some really great things! We read about an Omega Virus game, a McCoy planter, some Trafalgar suspenders (these are gold!), and a Cosco child’s chair.  Oh Yeah!

Share your “flips” in the comment section below!  Big or small…they are always a good way to learn more!

Oh…and I will have a special “Dooyahavwun” post this weekend with an idea inspired by one of our contributors….thanks Barbara!  It will give you another item to be on the look out for…seriously…it’s a GREAT one!

Happy hunting to all of you! May your cars, bikes, or arms be loaded with many fun treasures!

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6 Responses to It’s Flippin’ Friday!! #34

  1. dogsmom says:

    I have missed being able to visit. (Durn computer.)
    My flips have not been large, but more than double is still good.
    I found 2 pushpin desk lamps at GW on half price day. Orig. price (MSRP) $50, I paid $5/pair, and have been offered $75 each. Have not yet flipped.

  2. nancy says:

    What is a pushpin desk lamp? Sounds like a good flip!

    I went to the Salvation Army yesterday and had ten dollars even in my pocket so I was adding as I shopped. Found a KISS leather belt from the 70s on my way to the checkout. For $2. My gut said to give it a whirl after that Led Zeppelin tie so I actually had to put something else back to keep it to my ten dollars. I started it yesterday at $9.99 with a buy it now of $50. It got a lot of interest and several emails from one guy who offered me $20…and someone started out the bidding with $9.99. Overnight someone snapped it up for $50!! What I love is learning all the bits and bobs of trivia that you do when you research something to list it. I now know 100% more about KISS and their manager Aucoin then I did this time yesterday.

  3. Shirley Wall says:

    I would also like to know what a pushpin desk lamp is? I wanted to share something that I definately learned on this fantastic Late Night Coffee blog. I found a Betty Crocker cookbook at GW, the red pie on the cover one, but not spiral bound. I bought it for $2.99 and sold it on EBay for $25.00, I understand some of the spiral bound ones go for even more. Thanks for sharing with us all you have learned over your years of spinning junk into gold 🙂 Also, a new to me item to look for, Revere Ware pans with the copper bottoms, I happen to see one at GW (and didn’t buy it) and wondering if they sold – they do! And for quite a bit! Learn something new everyday, which is so fun! Thank you again for your wonderful blog. Shirley

  4. Cindy says:

    I always pick up any Ralph Lauren linens. They are fantastic sellers on ebay! I bought a pair of Ralph Lauren “Guinevere” pillowcases at the thrift store for .70. They ended up selling for $36.00! I almost felt like I had stolen their money! They were thrilled with them and thanked me! Pillowcases always go well on ebay for me. Look for major designers and popular brands!

  5. Hmmm, pillowcases? Whadayaknow! Thanks for the tip! And also want to know what is a pushpin desk lamp? So, my biggest flip – probably ever – were 2 Reyn Spooner Disney Pixar Hawaiian shirts that I picked up at the GW for $2.50 each. I was already in the cashier line, which is next to the rack of men’s short sleeve shirts. As I was browsing, not expecting to find anything, I spotted a Disney Pixar Rotatioulle shirt, then I spotted a Cars shirt and quickly grabbed both. I was hoping to get $14-$20 each. They ended up selling for $155.50 and $66.72! Those $5 bucks turned into gold to a tune of $222.22! Holy smokes, I was shocked. The buyers paid instantly & I shipped them out asap before they changed their minds. I definitely felt like I was stealing their money…ha!

  6. Marci says:

    Hmm, were those Disney Pixar shirts like Mens Hawaiian shirts? Don’t think I have ever heard of them but will keep my eye out. And the pillowcases! Who knew? I love this blog! Anyway, found six Vera Neumann brand new napkins at a garage sale, got all 6 for a quarter. Sold them for $15.00 in a matter of minutes. (darn, shoulda put a higher price!) I always look for Vera scarves and linens. They are easy to spot because they have her signature VERA in the corner along with a ladybug. A lot of people collect them so they sell well. I put them on etsy but they also sell well on ebay.

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