My crystal ball…

Anytime I’m at an estate sale, I always think about what people would say if they were milling around my house looking at my stuff.

Cue dream sequence music.

Setting: My house in (hopefully) the distant future.

“Wow…she wasn’t really into cleaning her baseboards, was she?”

“Did she really think she was going to sell all these books? Seriously, this is just crazy.”

“Look at at all these bottles…I’ll never have to buy another cleaning product again!”

“Obviously, she didn’t use them on the baseboards.”

“Are there any cell phones for all these cords?”

“Where are the dresses? Skirts? Any kind of women’s clothing?”

“I guess if you like “comfy and beat up” its a nice couch.”

“I bet she never had trouble with the IRS with all these papers/reciepts/old bills she kept. What? was her husband? Well still…definitely a fire hazard.”

“Did she really think she was going to sell all these patterns? What a nutcase.”

“Are any of these dish sets complete?”

“Wow..she sure liked her Nutella, huh?”

“MORE books? Yeah…she was definitely a hoarder.”


Maybe, just maybe someone will I do sometimes:

“There are some really cool things here. They must have had fun collecting all this.”

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5 Responses to My crystal ball…

  1. sue says:

    I never thought of other people’s comments, just my children, shaking their head at their mother and her love of “junk” and “stuff”. I love seeing what people share at ATG on Monday and sometimes I wish I found what they found and have such viewer envy and sometimes, not so much. That’s the fun of the hunt. I love the unique pieces in my house but to someone else, I’m sure the eclectic mishmash isn’t their thing and to that I say, thank goodness.
    On the cleaning note I have a theory, some people like to clean and get satisfaction from it and some of us don’t fixate on the dust and mess. When you leave this earth, I promise NOT to comment on your baseboards at all. In fact, leave your best loved treasures a bit dirty so I will notice them and appreciate what is underneath. See, that way they will be overlooked as too dirty and junky and they will be waiting for a kindred soul.
    The best sale though are ones where everything is lovingly clean and priced to sell, with an older couple who has stories to go with the items and are happy that someone loves that old thing and is taking it to a new home to love it, use it and appreciate it.

    • Wow! What a great reply! That made my day…
      And just for you….I won’t dust any of my treasures for the rest of the time I own them….:)
      Thanks for for writing!

  2. Are you sure you weren’t going through my house in that dream sequence?

    I love Sue’s response, too.

    Who cares if people don’t like my husband’s collections of monster figures (which have been displayed on our mantle for several years instead of traditional mantel items), albums, dvds, cds, Batman collectibles, or my collections of fabric, dishes, receipts, pictures, books, etc. and etc. ? We really live in our house and boy you can tell it. 🙂

  3. Marci says:

    Ha ha! That post cracked me up! I love the show Sell This House when they show people walking through a house for sale and it has hidden cameras and the people talk about how disgusting/smelly/gross the house, decorating or contents are. Then they fix it up and the people walk thru again oohing and ahhing over how fabulous it looks! You always wonder what people will say about your house/junk when you are not around. Heres what I hope they say:
    “Man could this chick decorate!”
    “What fabulous collections she has”
    “You could seriously eat off that kitchen floor!”

    Heres what they will probably say:
    “Boy, you can tell these people owned a dog” (a very shedding, kinda smelly one)
    “Who would display 14 statue of Liberties??” (got them at an estate sale and thought they were way cool!)
    “Who needs 50 tablecloths?” (answer..ME!)
    “What in the heck are these ugly lumps of clay on this shelf?” (ugly clay things my kids made in grade school that make me smile)
    “This kitchen floor could use a scrub” (yeah, your probably right, but there are a whole lot of other things higher up on the priority list than making sure that floor is clean 24/7)
    Oh well, it is what it is. My mom always says “opinions are like butts, everyone has them” So I try not to worry about other peoples opinions too much. I get what I love, and makes me happy and if someday it makes someone else happy, great! If not, well that’s why they invented GOODWILL!!

  4. DogsMom says:

    I was thinking also, sounds just like my house. The man can not throw out a piece of paper (where I love a good junkmail and store receipt bonfire) and my book and magazine “habit” is so out of control that the dedicated room has expanded into an alcove, so you can no longer get at my cabinets housing puzzles and tableclothes. No one need ever wash a mug here- we’ll never run out of clean ones.
    I am at the age where I know I will be going through my parents stuff soon which puts me very much aware of what my son will have to deal with at my demise. His solution – a big ol’ can of gasoline and a match!
    Guess I better get reselling. He much prefers I just leave a suitcase full of cash. Hope he does not mind the suitcase is hand painted with Raggedy Ann & Andy.

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