It’s Flippin’ Friday! #38

Whew! It’s hot…..BUT…it’s Flippin’ Friday and that is COOL!!

Once again, we had some super duper stories last week! We read about an 80s Deco-Tel Grecian Cameo rotary phone, Ralph Lauren mugs with a Tartan design, a bundle of sterling silverware, a plus-size Susan Bristol NWT vest, and a  a 1966 Francie Barbie doll.  What great finds!

Have a great flip you want to share? Simply add it in the comments section below! And as your reward, you will be given “INSTANT TREASURE FINDING KARMA” for sharing your knowledge!

I share my flips on the page marked “FLIPS” at the top of this page.

Have a great weekend and hope you find some great things!

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8 Responses to It’s Flippin’ Friday! #38

  1. We had a yard sale last weekend, and one of the things we decided to part with was the set of patio furniture that we picked up at a yard sale two or three years ago. One of my best buys ever–settee, two chairs, coffee table and cushions in decent condition for ten bucks. But we’re moving in a few months.

    Sold the set for twenty bucks! The buyer was thrilled at his good deal, and I’m thrilled to double my money!

  2. dogsmom says:

    I have posted on my blog a picture of the Edixa camera I picked up for $2 this week, including film. I have already been offered $10, have seen them online for $25. This is one I will be hanging onto. Still may get the film developed to see if there are vintage images.

    I’ve been reading about “Barbie” selling at good prices even with chewed fingers. Last weekend I had Dh helping me dig through a box of naked Barbie & friends (25 cents each) to find the best ones. They’ll be listed in July.
    If he had not been along I may have made an offer on the whole box.

  3. Lynne says:

    I have found several brown bag cookie art stamps/molds for 2 dollars a piece. One was a witch and the other was a block of 4 shells. They each sold for $25.00 a piece. Love those kind of finds.

  4. A couple of weeks ago I went to a yard sale and found a very large, very dirty box under a table. In this box was 7 solid copper teakettles (one Revere Ware), 1 copper plated teakettle, 1 hammered solid copper hanging planter made in Turkey, 4 copper plated kitchen canisters, and 1 copper plated potpourri pot. I bought the whole box for $10.

    I donated the copper plated items to my son’s rummage sale for camp funds, and I sold one of the teapots for $20.35, and I have bids on the copper planter ending this weekend.
    YA! The rest of the box is pure profit!!

  5. Carla says:

    I bought a huge bin of Barbie Kelly dolls and furniture/clothes for $5 and sold it for $50 in about two days. As my kids say “Sah-weet!!”

  6. Valerie says:

    Nothing huge, but a found a couple of Nursing Scrub tops at a thrift store. You could tell they were new (but no tags). One had a Dr. Seuss design– bought for $2, sold for $19.50. The other was Peanuts- bought for $2, sold for $11.
    Also found some old sports pennants at a garage sale – big- each about 30 inches long. Paid 25 cents each. Sold a lot of 3 for $18.
    And one more– bought an 1977 high school yearbook for 50 cents. Sold for $20.

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  8. What fun to find your blog!! I found a ton of Barbie Happy Family stuff, which is a huge seller on ebay! I also got a bunch of other stuff. I did a post about it on my blog, I also did a run down of my finds and how they did on ebay. Love your blog and thanks for letting us share!

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