It’s “Flippin’ Friday”! #40

Once again….it’s Flippin’ Friday! Double yayyyyyyyy!

I am still amazed at the number of stories we got last week! We had stories about a plus size denim, embroidered shirt, a Hermes 3000 typewriter, several pieces of Towle French Provencial Sterling silverware, a lot of Littlest Pet Shop toys, Esterbrook pen nibs, Starbucks mugs, a Springbok puzzle, Tweed cologne, Chanel perfume, a Starbucks Thermal Drink mug, a lot of vintage board games, a “Give Your Child a Superior Mind” book, an “Alligator Pie” children’s book, several pairs of shoes, and a vintage Simplicity 2 pc. bathing suit sewing pattern. Thank you all for your contributions… unbelievably awesome!

Got a great flip story? Share it with us in the comments section below! You will be granted “INSTANT TREASURE FINDING KARMA”  for the weekend…which can be used conveniently at thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales, and garage sales.

Happy hunting everyone and have a great weekend!!

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9 Responses to It’s “Flippin’ Friday”! #40

  1. Jackie K says:

    I wasn’t going to buy anything at the thrift shop when I walked in last week, leaving the book pickings to my daughter. Strolling around though, I spied a stack of older Wilton cake pans for 90 cents each. I had to have them! The Super Mario one sold to a fellow in Norway for $36!! Now to see what the rest do for me…

  2. nancy says:

    Bought at a bag sale…a dollar a bag. So I’ll say it cost a dollar though I still have a lot more to sell from that sale. It’s a small soft cover book called How to Run a Lathe. Mine was from 1949. They came out with a new edition frequently. Sold for 15.99! Oil spots and all. Some copies have gone for even more.

  3. Kari says:

    I had a heck of a week. Lets see, I sold an older (not really retro just older) Ralph Lauren tweed jacket, paid $1.00 sold for $55.00. Two build a bear dogs they were special because they had on a batman and star wars costume, paid $2.00 sold them as a lot for $45.00. And evidently THE hot shoe’s right now are Keen’s, sold mine in about two hours for $45.00 got crazy and paid $5.00 for those.:)

  4. Found a box of small clear vintage pharmacy bottles at a yard sale last week for $5. No labels, unused, and there were 8 dozen of them. Listed on Etsy by the dozen and within HOURS the entire lot was gone for $10/dozen. At the same yard sale, I found a dozen vintage, unused, unlabeled apothecary bottles for $10. Again, listed them on Etsy and quickly sold the whole dozen for $120! Guess what I’ll be looking for this weekend??

  5. Anonymous says:

    I found a Simplicity Disney Princess Costume pattern for 50 cents at a thrift store. Sold it for $27.00. I have also picked up various counter pattern books for 50 cents a piece. Have sold them for $10.00 a piece, some are vintage and some are new.

  6. Lindy Dieckman says:

    I received my Starbucks gift card today. Thank you so much!!! That was so very generous of you!
    My best flips this week have been Under Armour clothing. I bought an Under Armour black polo shirt for $4 and sold it for $26, another Under Armour shirt sold for $27.50 and a pair of woman’s shorts (Under Armour, again) bought for $2.99, sold for $16.50. So, keep an eye out for Under Armour!!!!

  7. Marci says:

    Bought a box of Coby vintage greeting cards (from the 60’s I would guess) for $2.00. There were 17 unused cards in the box. So far I have sold 13 of them for $25.00. I sold them individually instead of as a lot and it paid off! I still have 4 left to sell so it should make me around $35.00 when they are all gone.

  8. Becky Pries says:

    just sold a lot of 339 coke reward bottle caps for $24.99 The caps are 3 points each so the buyer has just gotten 1017 points. Too bad Coke limits how many codes you can submit each week.

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