“I Thunk for Junk!” Round #12

It’s time for another round of “I THUNK FOR JUNK!”…a great way to test your awesome junkin’ skills. So here’s today’s question: Which of these diaper bags recently sold for $195.00 on Ebay? (Answer at the bottom)

A) Juicy Couture Diaper Bag

B) Coach Diaper Bag

C)Petunia Pickle Bottom CAKE Diaper Bag




Answer: C)The Petunia Pickle Bottom CAKE diaper bag recently sold for $195.00 on Ebay.  The Petunia Pickle Bottom company makes several lines of designer diaper bags including the CAKE line. The Coach diaper bag sold for $156.00 and the Juicy Couture diaper bag sold for $80.00. And these aren’t for brand new bags….all these bags were previously used.

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2 Responses to “I Thunk for Junk!” Round #12

  1. I am so far removed from the diaper world today that it is pathetic (and a good thing,too). I thought that the Petunia Pickle Bottom was a made up name for the bag!! Never heard of that brand, but I will keep my eye open, well both of them, for that brand. Back in the stone age, when I had kids in diapers, I don’t think I spent $80 on all of the cloth diapers that I had stockpiled for my Sweet Pee’s. My, how times have changed. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Jessica says:

    I’m still using my free diaper backpack from the hospital. People are crazy to spend that much money to carry around stuff for their baby’s butt. But yeah for us their are crazy people in the world, right?

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