I have had some issues….

Lot of Belle Armoire magazines-Sold 8/7-$42.65

Lot of Inspirations magazines-Sold 8/7-$54.00

Lot of Martha Stewart KIDS magazines-7/31-Sold-$12.00

Lot of Ornament magazines-7/31-Sold-$12.00

What magazines have sold well for you?

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9 Responses to I have had some issues….

  1. Somerset Studio, Creative Needle, and Sew Beautiful are some other great sellers.

  2. annabel52 says:

    The Wilton Cake Decorating Yearbooks sell well.

  3. Jackie k. says:

    Mary Jane’s Farm organic food mags have done well for me – especially the early years. Where Women Create and Cloth Paper Scissors Studios are popular too. And Cook’s Illustrated – when I can get them sell fast.

  4. shannon says:

    I’m sick with the thought that I actually subscribed to Domino magazine during its short life. Then before a move, I gave them all to a sister in law who recycled them when she was done.

    Would love to find a stash of those…they are great sellers!!

  5. nancy says:

    Mary engelbreight and ReadyMade Mags

  6. Jeanie says:

    Backwoods Home is a good seller.

  7. Cotie says:

    Last weekend I found a bunch of body building magaines at eh take and leave it shed at the dump. I only took those with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the cover and current they are at $51 (08/09/2011) the title is Lot 10 Body Building Magazines ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER
    Magazines I’ve had some luck with in the past are :
    Atomic Ranch
    Cottage Living
    Bonsai Today
    Older American Artist
    Firsts (about first edition books)
    Wild Fowl Carving
    Artful Blogging

  8. Heather says:

    Martha Stewart’s short-lived “Blueprint” magazine is a good one to look for as well. I miss reading that one! Also, Oprah Winfrey’s defunct “O At Home” magazine.

  9. Anonymous says:

    i’ve had luck with Victoria magazine

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