It’s Flippin’ Friday! #47

Yay! It’s Flippin’ Friday again!  It may be really hot outside…but you all are still flippin’ like crazy!

Last week, we had some great flips….a pair of boots, a whole bunch of Mary Engelbreit’s now-defunct Home Companion magazines, a Krenit Denmark metal enameled bowl, a new-in-box Tamagotchi virtual pet, two Jiffy needlepoint kits for Christmas ornaments, a Sundance skirt, and a Michael Kors dress.  AWESOME!!!!

If you’ve had a flip you’d like to tell us about…share it with us in the comments section below.  WE LOVE THEM!!!

Have a great weekend and stop by for “Weekend Wonder” to ask questions or share your knowledge.

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5 Responses to It’s Flippin’ Friday! #47

  1. Nancy says:

    Thrifted 3 Redwing Plates and had one listed several times with no buyer. Finally decided to do a multiple listing and make all three available and I sold all three to a buyer in Redwing Minnesota!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I bought 2 big tubs of Little Tikes train tracks and roads for $3 at a yard sale. Did some research and found I had Little Tikes Peak Road And Rail Set and a vintage Little Tikes I-80 Expressway Set. The first sold for $17.50 and the second sold for $66!

  3. Purchased a hand painted silk scarf at a yard sale. The lady whispered in my ear, her husband had brought it back from Japan for her. It sat in a box or a month or so before I listed it. Listed it yesterday and it sold in 5 hrs!! Paid 75cents for it and sold it for $12.99. Even after feebay, not bad profit!!

  4. Corie Stern says:

    Found a beautiful forest green Tumbler glass Vereco I believe made in Reims France for 0.30 cents at a Lutheran garage sell and a Norwegian Henning hand painted wooden carved skier’s (2)….could not talk down the price of $10.00 but they can sell for $50 and above…also I look for copper and aluminum or silver and gold if lucky to recycle and got a long copper piece and scraps of copper for only 0.25 cents and finally William Castle’s 13 Ghost paper viewers used in movie theaters in the late 1950’s-1960’s. Only put up the ghost viewer and Henning carvings on e-bay so far. Corie

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