Weekend Wonder #7

It’s “Weekend Wonder” again…time to ask those burning questions again!

Have a question about the reselling biz?

Have an item you need help identifying?

Wonder which is the best method for shipping during the holidays?

Lay ’em on us….there’s a lot of knowledge we’d like to share from experience!  Just write your question in the comments section below!

Have a great weekend and happy hunting!!

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9 Responses to Weekend Wonder #7

  1. Nancy says:

    Thank you for putting my Red Dog tie on the Late Night Coffee Facebook page. I’m not a Facebook user (!!OMG) so I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to most things Facebook….When someone likes something you put on the Late Night Market Facebook page what does that do?? Does it appear on their Facebook page then?

    Another thing. I do have something I need help identifying but it’s hard to describe. Could I send you a picture? I’ve showed it to several people and noone so far knows what it is.

    • When someone “likes” a link …which is what I’m putting the items up as …it MAY show up on their newsfeed and their friends can see it. People who have “liked” the actual page it came from…in this case, Late Night Market….can see they liked it too. So…liking is good exposure.

      Sure…send me what you have. Send it to my email above in the “About” section. Although, if its a rash…I’m not real good with those…;)

  2. anniprapad says:

    I have a question about weight watchers cook books.
    I have 5 of them. Can you please let me know how to list them in a lot or individually?
    Thank you for your help.

    • Hmmmm…

      IF you asking me IF you should list in a lot or individually…..look up the values of each…if any are really worth a lot, then list those individually. Look up on Amazon, Ebay, or Abebooks for values. If all or some are of “so-so” value…then put them in a lot. Make sure to charge Media Mail shipping to save the buyer money and increase your chances to sell them.

      If you are asking me HOW to list them each way…determine value….take pictures of either individual books are the whole lot. Describe the book(s), title(s), condition…and charge Media Mail shipping. Place all this in the listing….and wait for the buyer.

      If these didn’t answer your questions, let me know.

  3. Donna says:

    I have a question about offering Free Shipping on eBay…According to eBay you have a better chance of getting bids. I’ve only been selling items for 2 months, and I’ve tried both ways. I know Summer is supposed to be SLOW times for selling, however, I can’t see a difference, except that maybe I’m making less $$$ by paying for shipping (I do have a scale so I save that way) and eBay is making more of a percentage since I sorta figure in the shipping. What do you think is best?? And I HATE heavy clothes (like Men’s cotton jackets and jeans) as they seem to cost so much to ship! Thanks for any help!

    • Sure Ebay likes you to have Free Shipping….its no cost to them…and they actually now make money off of it. BUT as a seller…YOU have to watch your bottom line….so you have to do what’s best for you.

      I give FREE shipping when I know:
      1) I’ve paid VERY little for my product, so the shipping won’t eat up my profit much.
      2) I know the item will go for a really high price, so shipping isn’t going to hurt my profit and will indeed bring more bidders.
      3) If a buyer has bought mulitiple things and I would like to see them back as a repeat customer.

      Sometimes, I estimate about how much it could cost the max to send and I’ll charge 1/2 of that as a flat rate shipping in my listing….just so the shipping is cheap…but not free. But again, that’s only when that 1/2 amount isn’t hurting my profit.

      Honestly…while I think people do appreciate FREE shipping….if its REASONABLE shipping on an item they really want…I believe they will still buy the item….especially if you have a good track record and the item looks good.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Does anyone have guilt feelings about buy it now best offer?
    I know I do. I hate to get those low offers for stuff, and then they say the shipping is too high. For example, I had a canister set for $20 with shipping of $11. Shipping was going to be about $10.78. The bidder offered me $7 and complained about the shipping. I re-weighed the set, over 2 lbs. w/o box and bubble wrap. Ok, I will do calculated shipping and no I won’t take $7, how about $14. (Give me a break, I need a profit.) At $7 there is no profit. She offers $10. Lady that is a 50% discount. (Should I just give it to you?) Well, I didn’t make the sale and I still have the set. But I feel guilty. I needed to make a sale, but I also needed to make a profit. Oh, I had only had it listed for 30 days and she waited until the last day to make an offer.
    How does everyone else handle BIN/BO without feeling guilty? I have basically stopped offering best offer and just go with BIN.

    • Wow…I eat three squares meals of guilt a day….and this is one I haven’t tried.

      I have buyers asking me for a lower price almost daily and I don’t even do Best Offers. I think a lot of people operate on the “It can’t hurt to ask” theory…so I operate on the “It won’t hurt if I say no, thank you” theory.

      I’m sure you’ve been to garage sales where things are priced very reasonably…and yet there is always ONE person who wants it real cheap….and it’s almost always accompanied with a “hard luck” story. That’s just their “thing”. Some people like to see what they can get….sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t.

      If the offer doesn’t make you any money…and you can still afford to hang on to it for awhile…then its no problem saying no. If you want the thing out of your house, and you can at least recoup the cost and some profit…and you feel good about who you are dealing with…then take the offer.

      Do what is best for you and your business. It’s all business….nothing personal.

      GREAT question!

  5. oldnndway says:

    I often use the best offer option on my store listings.
    There is an option there (the lower box) where you can “decline offers lower than” where you can put the minimum price you will take in and it will automatically refuse offers lower than your minimum.
    I use this and when an offer comes through for me to consider it is at or above my minimum price.
    It also shows if the person made offers lower than your minimum (and they usually have) and they then have moved up to the price you are asking.
    All of those lower offers you didn’t have to see or refuse.

    I like using this option on higher priced books.
    I generally make my lowest acceptable offer at about the price I want for it and it all works out well.

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