Resellers…start your engines!

Yay!  The “official” reselling season has started back up again!  Whoo-hoo!

It’s time to get those supplies organized, inventory listed, and marketing strategies reviewed.

Here’s a great checklist to make sure you are ready for the next 4 months:

1) Locate reasonably priced shipping supplies and organize them so they are easy to get to and use.

2) Set weekly goals for listing.  Remember to take into account holiday weeks and plan accordingly.

3) Organize your inventory so you can see what you have and are able to find things easily when they sell.

4) Figure out what shipping methods you are going to utilize and your game plan for getting your items to the drop off area.

5) Go though any inventory that hasn’t sold for a while and see if you can “lot” them up to sell.

6) Research your selling venue and get an idea of what is selling each week and list items that you have that are similar.

7) Stay competitive and utilize whatever marketing tools you have available through your selling venue or social networks.  Make sure you put something in with your items that has your business name on it.

8 ) Keep track of your sales. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when things start “popping” but taking a few minutes to organize your sales will help later when you need to do your taxes.

9) Set aside time each day to answer emails.  When things start getting hectic, its easy to forget to answer questions or address concerns. Little things can turn into big problems if too much time elapses, which is the last thing you need when things get going.

10) Avoid burnout. Take some breaks. It’s easy to let this job take over 24/7 if you let it…and then it’s not enjoyable.  Set a time to stop each day…and stick to it.

You are going to do great! This year is looking good already. People are ready to shop and have some fun….and you will be right there ready to provide great items!

And don’t forget to check out your thrift stores  in the next few weeks. Labor Day weekend means people are “fall cleaning” and donating!

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4 Responses to Resellers…start your engines!

  1. Chris Daisy says:

    Lots of great “Tips” in this checklist…thanks for the reminders..I need to work on a make the round of the thrift shops!!
    Chris Daisy

  2. Jackie K says:

    Oh! #10 – the 24/7 it’s taking over my life thing! Yup – I need to manage my time better… 🙂

  3. Nancy says:

    These are great tips. I just happened to be organizing my shipping supplies yesterday when I read this. Do you use a business card? I don’t even always remember to put a packing slip in my package. I have wondered if I can get repeat business because my inventory is so varied. It’s not like I sell a lot of any one thing. It couldn’t hurt though. I think I’m going to start being more consistent with at least a packing slip.

  4. I don’t have a problem going to the thrift store, it’s the getting everything ready and then listing that is my problem. I promise myself that I will do better. A great list!!!

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