Yay!!! Clap!Clap!Clap! Hooray!!!

Writing a blog can almost be a second job.  Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely LOVE it! It let’s me do everything that brings me joy…write, junk, create, be silly…..it’s just fun.

So being a blogger, I also love reading other people’s blogs….not just for the content….but I have a sincere admiration for the time and effort put into posts.

That is why I want to congratulate Gina of the awesome “Vintage Junk in my Trunk” blog.  She has been nominated as a candidate for the Country Living Blue Ribbon Blogger Award.  Yayyyyyyy! Seriously…that is awesome.

Let’s help Gina win this award for her amazing blog, shall we?  Just go to the Country Living website here.….click on her blog’s name…and that’s it! You can vote daily until September 15.

She also has a WONDERFUL vintage store on Etsy (and Late Night Market) here.

Good luck Gina and thank you everyone for your support!  Stay tuned tomorrow for a round of “I Thunk for Junk!”…..I know…I won’t be able to sleep tonight either thinking about it.

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