Late Night Market’s October Scavenger Hunt

Ready to have some fun? Win some great prizes? Use your sleuthing abilities?

Check out each day in October for a chance to win a prize by solving the day’s puzzle.

The rules are EASY!

1) To enter that day’s contest, simply share that day’s contest post on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, an email, or any other social media.

2) Solve the puzzle and be the first to write the correct answer in the comments section.

3) Have fun!

So check out on October 1 (this Saturday) for the first puzzle.  Each puzzle will be posted at 9:00 am EST.

Sellers on Late Night Market are not eligible to compete in the contest.

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One Response to Late Night Market’s October Scavenger Hunt

  1. nancy says:

    What fun! I love scavenger hunts. Can’t wait to follow along!

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