Showing up late….

I’ve been a bit under the weather the past few days…but that didn’t stop me from going to a few sales.

I told myself I could go when I listed ten things….and that sure motivated me to get those done.We decided to go “family style” and just drive around to sales that had signs posted. It was around 11:00 am at this point…which is REALLY late….BUT…

…there is an advantage to going late.

We showed up at a church sale about 2 blocks away and they were in the “Fill a Bag for $1.00” stage of their sale….which can be good or bad. Luckily….it was good. I was able to pick up these cookbooks for about 10 cents a piece.

Now, none of these are huge moneymakers…but they all are  solid $9.00-15.00 each…which isn’t bad for a 50 cent investment for the whole lot.

And in true “hoarder” style, we filled the bags with other treasures that we may…or may not…use around the house.  I’m trying to be REALLY good about not bringing more into our dwelling than I really will do something with in the future.  Easier said than done…especially at $1.00 a bag.

The rest of the sales were “eh”.  Nothing great. Which is fine….I had three bags o’ stuff to sort and organize. Which just goes to show you….you really can find treasures anytime…anywhere.

Here’s a past story of something great I found late in the day. (I ended up making over $1500.00 on this “late day”treasure)

How about you? Ever find a great “late day” treasure?

And check out Apron Thrift Girl’s blog for more great treasures that people found this past weekend!

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4 Responses to Showing up late….

  1. Gretchen says:

    I used to be a have to be there first person, but now that I’m reselling, I realize there’s lots of stuff out there. This weekend we started out early, (everything is over by 12 where I live) we got to a rummage sale around 11:30, normally I’d say, oh it’s too late, but now that I’m a picker, junker whatever, I have no pride. I got a newish pair of timberland boots, and new minnetonka mocs, for 2$ each, a NWT Tahari suit for $4, stacks of magazines (which I’m now selling!), and a bunch of other good stuff. If I were looking for personal stuff I wouldn’t have been that open minded. I also got a large box of brown crueset pots for 10.00. This is fun!

  2. Mali says:

    Yes, I found a big West German vase, on this picture here:
    It was two dollars (in Norwegian kroners), and that was a few minutes before they closed. But usually we’re too late, guess taking three children and a partner along takes it’s time..

  3. Jenifir says:

    I love the free stuff when I can’t make it until the end of the sale. I also found a bakelite purse handle for $2.50 (50% off the original price) which I just love!.

  4. q10 says:

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