Late Night Coffee’s Sick Day Policy

Memo: Late Night Coffee’s Sick Day Policy 10/18/11

With the cold and flu season arriving, Late Night Coffee would like to remind it’s employee of our sick day policy.

1)You are expected to be at work unless you are physically unable to stand without aid. Dizziness, nausea, or pounding headaches are not excusable for absences. Fevers will be evaluated by HR on a “workable temperature” scale.

2) If you have decided to take a sick day, all correspondence is  still expected to be answered that day. We know that certain cold medicines can affect thinking, so we encourage you to proofread your emails carefully before pushing “send”. We would also  like to remind you to push “send”.

3) All items requiring shipping will be shipped at the promised time. You will need to come in to do this. You are allowed to make arrangements with the temporary courier (husband) if needed to transport packages. Please note that the temporary courier does require advance notice and will need instructions/directions about shipping..each ..and.. every.. time. Do not rely on directions from previous times.

4) If you do take a “sick day”, you are required to make up any listing that you missed during the time you were absent.  This may mean using a weekend  if needed. You may also use your evenings, early mornings, or anytime that is used  for relaxing.

5) If you do plan to use a sick day, it is advisable to have substitute plans in place.This is in case the company’s temp (husband) needs to step in. These plans need to include where all your inventory is, where to look to see what has sold, your packaging supplies location, your packaging methods, your email password location, and special instructions for any unique items. We encourage you, if possible, to at least come in and verbally give instructions if possible. You aren’t required to wear the company uniform, but you are required to stay awake.

Late Night Coffee Management

Wow. This place is run with an iron fist. I can’t believe I’ve lasted this long here. What is YOUR company’s sick day policy?

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  1. Lindy says:

    Ha! Love this post so much. Thank you.
    I hope you’re feeling better!

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