A Quick Nickel….or 1700 of them.

I told myself earlier  last week that I was ABSOLUTELY  not going to go out to sales. That I was going to stay at home and list. That there was NO reason to go out with all this inventory staring at me in the face.

And then I saw the Craigslist ad.

It was a former seamstress’ estate sale. And you know me and patterns.

So my son and I head over to the sale on a rainy Saturday morning. And guess what? TOTAL BUST!!!! Just a few patterns and a few books. Hmpfh.

But…… since we were out…..and we realllllly didn’t have any reason to go home right away…and….well…you know how you can talk yourself into a morning of sales. And it was even easier to rationalize because this sale was located in a big neighborhood sale…..Bonus!

Well…..it was one of my best mornings for sales in a long time.

$2.00 was the magic price number and I picked up a set of “Value Tales” books for that (yeah…I know!), a big Lego Harry Potter set (yeah…I know!), and a London Fog trenchcoat in GREAT shape..(yeah….I know!) for that price!!!!

Even my son scored 2 big Transformers….he was elated!

I sold the Value Tales books already on Sunday (yeah…I know!)….for $85.00. I like a quick nickel….especially when the car mechanic took a lot of mine last week.

So my rationalizing paid off….and I did come home and list A TON! So all’s well that ends well in the “Land of Stuff”.

I hope you had a good weekend too! For more great stuff visit Apron Thrift Girl’s blog….AND….today is the LAST DAY on Late Night Market to get your points to win the $50.00 Starbucks card!  We’ve got three big contenders at the moment…and the contest ends at midnight tonight!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!!

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5 Responses to A Quick Nickel….or 1700 of them.

  1. Corie Stern says:

    Goes to show you never know what you’ll find if you don’t make the effort and great instincts to follow your scent of the hunt!!!! As always, Corie

  2. Love a quick turn around on stuff!

  3. Jenifir says:

    The thrifting fairies must have been speaking to you very loudly and you never want to ignore them.

  4. DogsMom says:

    Sorry to hear about the mechanic – just finished paying mine off this week.
    Happy to hear your magic number was so affordable. Don’t you love a good sale day – when you can’t seem to go wrong.

    And then you did the responsible thing of getting back to work.
    That is my weak point.

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