Flippin’ Friday #60

Welcome back to Flippin’ Friday! The day we hear about all those great flips you all are having!

Last week, readers shared stories about a Disney afghan crochet booklet, a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo loafers, a Vita-Mix recipe binder, Digital Photography (Digital Portrait Photography: Art, Business & Style) book, a NIB filter for a shop vac, Vintage Xmas ornaments,a Club Monaco suede bag , a mini Jansport, a New Haiku bag-gorgeous, a Small Michael Kors purse, & a cute Owl-print wallet, and a pair of Doc Martens AirWair Kids Boots.  Wow….amazing items! Thank you all for sharing!

If you have a great flip you’d like to share, just write it in the comments section below! We love reading them! Just be sure to include your item, what you paid, and what it sold for in the end.

Have a great weekend! And if you have any holiday decor listings you’d like to share, link them up in “Show and Sell” on the righthand side!

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7 Responses to Flippin’ Friday #60

  1. Tanya says:

    My husband has slowly been dragged into the thrift store search with me. I have been ‘training’ him on what to look for so he doesn’t just follow me pushing the shopping cart around and looking bored 🙂
    Last weekend, he found a Tommy Bahama mens shirt with a elaborate embroidered design on the back. We paid $2.49 for it and it sold for $49.99. He is now very excited to go shopping with me!

  2. Paid $5 for Batgirl Barbie on Bike at yard sale, still with original box, and sold for $55 on ebay!

  3. Gretchen says:

    I’ve had some good flips this week. (Also alot of why did I buy that?s) I bought a Liberty of London silk peacock feather scarf for 1$, researched it on ebay, came up with my “happy price” of 45$, then added BIN for 75$. It sold the next morning….Where can I find more of those scarves????LOL


  4. Susan says:

    Bought an unused, new in box internal Zip drive at a garage sale for $5, sold on Ebay for $40.95. I should have offered $3 for it. This is the second Zip drive I’ve flipped – I’m surprised there is still a market for them! On the same day I purchased an unused Tupperware ring mold for $2; it Ebayed for $13.95. I didn’t make a whole lot on these since I offered free shipping, but I’m learning how to pay for shipping (and save a little) through Ebay. Now I need a postage scale. . . .

    The following weekend I scored a bunch of books at a parish book sale. Some are for gifts, some to sell. Hopefully I will have a GREAT flip story regarding one of my finds.

    I love these stories – I’m here every weekend reading them!

  5. Priya says:

    I bought ‘Wong’s Study Guide for Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing ‘
    for 10 cents and sold it within hours of listing on amazon for $15.20.
    Thank you for all the info. you provide on this blog

  6. Marci says:

    I found an orange glass mushroom paperweight at the thrift store for .99. It had air bubbles throughout it . I didn’t know anything about it and it didn’t have any markings but I liked the look of it. It sold for $25.00. I guess they are pretty collectible. Also found a vintage Kenner Spirograph at a garage sale for $4.00. I knew it was a good deal from reading this blog ( thank you) and it was because it sold for $40.00. Yay!

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