Happy Cyber Monday!

Here’s to a great online sales day to you!!

Here are some tips to make sure your customers stay happy and you stay relatively stress-free!

Ship packages quickly…next day if possible.  If you show your customer that you did all you could to get their item to them as fast as possible, it lessens the chance they will get upset if it takes longer to reach them….which can happen during the holidays.

Communicate with your buyers. Let them know when their package is shipped…either through an automated message or personal message.

Definitely use some sort of delivery confirmation and/or tracking.  This can save some headaches when you have someone wondering where their item is….every…single….day.

Use extra packing material. Imagine your package on the bottom of a BIG pile of packages…and one of them is dripping something.  And pack accordingly.

Remember everyone is stressed this time of year. Don’t take emails personally.  Be professional and factual.  Empathizing goes a long way.

And remember…the better service you give to these holiday customers…the better chance they will be RETURN customers in the next year.

Have a great day! Hope you have a lot of great sales!!


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  1. Leah says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips/reminders… happy selling to you! 🙂

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