Dooyahavwun? Repeat post…with an update!

National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation” has been an annual holiday favorite in many households since it came out. And “Cousin Eddie” must have grabbed quite a few fans as well.

Hallmark has been putting out a “Christmas Vacation” series of ornaments…and the one that people want to get their hands on the most is the 2009 “Cousin Eddie” ornament. It’s a beat-up RV replica of the one he pulls up on the curb in the movie.

Right now, they are going between $175.00-$200.00 on Ebay.

**UPDATE** These ornaments are now going for over 300.00 a piece!!

So keep your eyes open with all the Christmas inventory coming out in the thrift stores!

Now THAT’S a surprise that would be worth showing up somewhere!

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